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About Laura Kolaczkowski

Laura is active in the national and local MS community, facilitating patient programs including MS research and an MS Aquatics program. She is also a presence on the internet at MS patient sites and maintains her blog at Laura has a particular research interest in the use of internet information by people with MS and how that knowledge is shared in the patient-doctor relationship.

By Laura Kolaczkowski - May 18, 2013
I’ll publicly admit as a child I did some stupid things – fortunately they didn’t cause permanent damage and I have the ability to still laugh at most of them. One of... READ MORE

By Laura Kolaczkowski - May 14, 2013
Have you taken the time to look through the stories of Multiple Sclerosis being told on this site? The number of people sharing their story on Multiple is growing. Everyone’s experiences... READ MORE

By Laura Kolaczkowski - May 10, 2013
In 2008 I had a myocardial infarction due to vasospasm of unknown origin. In other words, I had a heart attack that couldn’t be explained through normal reasons and tests. My arteries... READ MORE

By Laura Kolaczkowski - May 2, 2013
Some of the terminology in  Multiple Sclerosis bothers me a lot, particularly because we don’t have our own medical vocabulary and many of the words we use  don’t clearly tell what the... READ MORE

By Laura Kolaczkowski - March 29, 2013
Diagnosing and treating MS always includes questions about balance because that is a common problem, and the doctors regularly ask about any recent trips or falls. This is a disease that can make even the strongest of us walk at times like we have been on an all-night bender, weaving left and right to get to our goal.

By Laura Kolaczkowski - March 17, 2013
More than a few people have told me their story of how Multiple Sclerosis has affected them and their relationships.  At those times when MS gives me the blues, I think of... READ MORE

By Laura Kolaczkowski - March 13, 2013
Perusing, my eye wanders to a heading at the top of the page that asks ‘What is MS?” and I immediately thought ‘now that’s the million dollar question!’ Beyond being the... READ MORE

By Laura Kolaczkowski - March 12, 2013
It can be annoying when a child around the age of 5 discovers the joy of repeating a knock-knock joke over and over - we continue to smile each time it is repeated and we laugh to encourage their engagement with learning this social skill.

By Laura Kolaczkowski - March 6, 2013
Look around the calendar and you will find the months littered with colors, all intended to raise awareness for a specific cause. You would have to live under a rock to not... READ MORE