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Laura is active in the national and local MS community, facilitating patient programs including MS research and an MS Aquatics program. She is also a presence on the internet at MS patient sites and maintains her blog at Laura has a particular research interest in the use of internet information by people with MS and how that knowledge is shared in the patient-doctor relationship.

By Laura Kolaczkowski - December 19, 2016
It’s that most wonderful time again when the world is lit up with the lights of the holidays. No matter what you celebrate, it is almost certain there is some form of tradition... READ MORE

By Laura Kolaczkowski - November 28, 2016
I’ve been talking to a person investigating the ‘construction’ of a standalone wellness center intended to serve people with neurological disorders, especially people like me with multiple sclerosis. A point I make... READ MORE

By Laura Kolaczkowski - November 20, 2016
Do you want to go beyond just treating your disease and do something to fight back against MS?  I know I do, and that is why I am passionate about MS research... READ MORE

By Laura Kolaczkowski - September 20, 2016
There are so many people in the MS community who I have come to know, respect and truly love for their abilities to live with this disease, and I would like to introduce... READ MORE

By Laura Kolaczkowski - September 6, 2016
Just the thought of changing insurance providers for our health care causes me anxiety and a touch of heart palpitations. I’m very dependent on my health care insurance, which is through my... READ MORE

By Laura Kolaczkowski - September 4, 2016
Cognitive decline – the slowing of our brain’s functioning – is often viewed as the most worrisome of all the possible effects of multiple sclerosis, but treatment options are rarely identified. According... READ MORE