What Do You See When You See Me?

What do you see when you see me?

Do you see what I’ve come to be?

Do you see the mask I wear

That hides the truth of all I bear?

Do you see my strength, my skill

My constant running all uphill?

Do you see my desperate hope

That with each change I still can cope?

Do you hear my envy when

You speak of going out with friends?

Do you know that I rarely rest

In trying to keep up and do my best?

How I long for days of past

Coming to work and leaving last.

Being able to devote my time

To whatever project came to mind.

Receiving praise for a job well done

Knowing respect from everyone.

Being able to come and go

Keeping current and on my toes.

Having others come to me

Help and assistance I gave for free.

Now my work is second place

My career gone missing without a trace.

My focus now is giving care

I miss my old life but don’t despair.

I know that what I give each day

Means more to me than praise or pay.

I know without my constant watch

His health decline I could not stop.

Though my efforts cannot cure

With my help he can endure.

Knowing tomorrow is not guaranteed

We live each day feeling blessed indeed.

We struggle, we hope, we laugh, we cry

We commit to each other until we die.

I never dreamed my life would be

Given to someone dependent on me.

I saw my future big and bright

Moving up the ladder my goals in sight.

Now those goals seem out of reach

But new ones came to heal the breach.

What do you see when you see me?

Not, I hope, who I used to be.

My own desires now I do not seek

Instead His will I hope to keep.

My life’s new purpose I hope you see

Is to help us both be all we can be.

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