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Hi. I'll endeavor to keep this short. Since my senior year of secondary school, I began getting torment in my correct eye. I thought it was headaches, however the agony just influences my eye. It is terrible and goes back and forth. It's been a couple of months since I've had it last. I shed pounds quickly without attempting 18 months back. I am 21. A year prior I went to the grounds medical attendant to check whether I had sickliness on the grounds that I was so cool constantly and due to the weight reduction. I likewise felt lethargic toward the beginning of the day. Ferritin was 29. Thyroid was fine. a half year back, I went to dire consideration with shivering in my arms, legs, hands, and feet. Medical attendant checked my blood – no B12 or folate lack. "Typical… ". It was keeping me from dozing. It hasn't ceased from that point forward, I've recently become accustomed to it. Tried my DNA – greatest hazard factor for me, at any rate with immune system ailment, is overwhelmingly MS. I thought I had celiac, ended up being only a gluten bigotry. Created numerous new hypersensitivities. Skin break out, BMI is 18.0. The shivering transformed into sharp, electric-like stun torment everywhere manga online on my body that endured about a week and a half. I additionally had a no-no tremor in my neck. Interminable weakness, dry skin, low body temperature, pre-diabetes. Specialist alluded me to a nervous system specialist supposing it was dysautonomia. I dropped the arrangement when things showed signs of improvement, however he encouraged me to reschedule on the grounds that these sort of things don't leave. I utilized my pulse screen to self-determine to have POTS. I get swelling and irritation. I get hot and cool hands, however for the most part they are constantly chilly. Any contemplations? Much obliged!

  1. I am sorry to hear of all your struggles. I know you must be frustrated to have so many questions with so few answers so far. Medical issues are very individualized and therefore we encourage you to continue to seek assistance from medical experts. I hope that you find answers soon. Donna Steigleder Moderator


    1. Thinking of you!

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