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Could all my symptoms be due to anxiety, stress and diet sensitivities or is it something more serious?


Currently I have been extremely worried, anxious and stressful about my health for the last year and a half, ie an extreme hypochondriac. I have been experiencing painful sensations around my chest/rib area that come and go fairly fast but does not feel like a tight band as described by the MS hug. I have had a strange tingling sensation in my left leg (lower part of left leg) as well as left foot. It burns very slightly occasionally and my left toe feels a bit numb when it is cold outside (noticed it last year). I get painful sensations in my right eye (more of a dull ache) but not sure if this is related since I have been diagnosed with a slight astigmatism in that eye and have not been wearing glasses so could just be eye strain since I have no vision loss or anything like that. My left eye sometimes gets sore too but less often than the right. I also suffer from tension headaches all the time and am constantly anxious and worried that I may have multiple sclerosis.

I went to the doctor who referred me to an endocrinologist. The endocrinologist performed a series of blood tests, all coming back normal, as well as a brain and spinal MRI which came back completely clear (the radiologist is a family friend and he seems to think there is no way I could have MS based on the images).

I am yet to see a neurologist (going later this month due to poor availability). After all the tests, etc the endocrinologist told me that all my symptoms could be anxiety and stress related, especially since I think about it 24/7. I do not know how anxiety and stress could cause what I am feeling but I do know my mum went blind for a period of time due to stress when she was in her early 20s.

Lastly, (sorry I know it's long) I get random burning and twitching sensations in many places around my body (right upper back, right arm, etc). Whenever I get nervous/stressed I tend to urinate a lot more frequently (has been like that since I was a child - I am 19 at the moment and am a male). My bowel movements have been fairly consistent but I might have gluten or dairy sensitivity - could this also cause the symptoms I am feeling?

Basically, could all my symptoms be due to anxiety, stress and diet sensitivities or is it something more serious? Thanks very much!

  1. Hi chezanxious and thank you for reaching out! While we can't provide medical advice or diagnosis online, for your safety, I can offer some insight gleaned from our community members.

    First off, stress can cause a myriad of issues and since there is a family history of strong reactions to stress, it may be something to keep in mind for yourself. While it sounds like you have had pretty extensive testing already done, I wanted to include some information on various conditions doctors like to rule out before diagnosing MS. Some of these conditions mimic various MS symptoms, so it's always good to make sure that some other condition isn't the root of your problems --

    Here is a specific piece on stress, anxiety, and MS that you might find interesting --

    I hope you get some answers very soon and can find a treatment plan for you, whatever you are dealing with!

    Best, Erin, Team member.

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