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Covid vax dose 3 timing?

I just received the 'invite' to book my 3rd Pfizer vaccine dose. After a recent call with my neurologist (before she knew I'd gotten the booking email), I was left wondering about postponing shot 3 closer to the "4-6 month point following dose 2," which she indicated was most effective. Some other reputable sources I've read suggest the same re the benefit of leaving longer times between those doses than I might have expected. analysis paralysis is in high gear, and I've got cost benefit ratios hamster wheeling ad infinitum in my brain. Hard to know what will be the best option for my "clinically extremely vulnerable" Tysabri-taking self to choose re dose timing, so I develop the desired antibodies! What IS the spacing sweet spot for jab three?

Any thoughts and input, my MS Net compadres? If any of you have had dose three, I'd love to hear from you. Same goes regarding helpful feedback about dose spacing πŸ™‚. Cheers

  1. I got my 3rd dose about 3 months after my 2nd. My doctor had me get it then because he wanted there to be 4 weeks before I received my Ocrevus Infusion to guarantee maximum effectiveness of the vaccine. Since you are most likely on a monthly dose of tysabri like I used to so be the timing with your vaccine won't need to be adjusted to coincidence with your medication. I would recommend listening to your doctor & wait until you are 4 months out from your last dose. Make sure you don't have anything planned for the next day or two after your 3rd dose, it made me a lot more nauseous & have a higher fever with extremely bad chills for about a day & a half after. It didn't start until about 6 hours after the shot but I was sore for almost a week from all the muscle tensing from my chills. I hope you have a better experience with it than I had bit but it is still better than getting a bad case of covid.

    1. , thanks for the quick response. Interesting to hear how things worked relative to your Ocrevus infusion. Sorry to hear dose 3 of the vax whalloped you. Yoiks those are some nasty side effects! Appreciate the warning: I won't count on number 3 being the mostly smooth sailing first and second were. Hope you're well recovered since then, and fingers crossed that feeling so rotten might mean your body was getting busy with antibody production! πŸ€”

  2. , I can relate! Sometimes, having so much information (and opinions) at our fingertips can be overwhelming! I totally get 'analysis paralysis'! What it really comes down to is what you are comfortable with. And I know that doesn't mean you still won't have some feelings of trepidation, no matter what you decide. But, you have to do what feels like a good fit for you. And your doctor knows you and your medical history, so that is some advice to keep in mind. But again, the decision is ultimately yours to make. The first two shots do offer some great immunity and you are in a different place than a person considering getting their very first shot. And, keep practicing those tips we already know (social distancing, hand washing, mask wearing) as you wait for that third shot and as we head into flu season. I hope you get more helpful feedback from other community members that have gotten their booster shot.

    Best, Erin, Team Member.

    1. , good points, thanks. I was actually pretty jazzed about getting dose was just the brief mention during my neurologist appt call (among many other discussion points) that's given me pause. Think I'll give the MS clinic nurses a followup call to help clarify things further. Erin, I truly appreciate your input & that of fellows here. Support and insight are ALWAYS welcome! And yes, me and mine are double dose vax'd, and careful every day re Covid precautions. Stay well, Erin, and thank you 😊

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