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Discounts and Passes in the Seattle Area

I live in a suburb of Seattle, Washington and have done a bunch of research on discounts and other things you can get when you have a disability like MS. I recently signed up for an Access pass that allows you and everyone in your car free access to National/Federal parks - free parking and free admission. It was easy to sign up and only costs $10 which is just a 1-time processing fee. I emailed them my application and told them to call me for a credit card number so they could process my application. They called me back the same day and I had my pass within a week. It's a lifetime pass.

Also, I found out that you can get good discounts by getting a FLASH pass from the City of Seattle - I don't live in Seattle but it's valid for residents of King County also and I DO live in King County. It's a pass that gives you discounts on entertainment and activities in the Seattle area. The discounts I found most appealing were the ones for the Seattle Aquarium (free for pass holders) and the Woodland Park Zoo (75% off entry fee for pass holders). I have young children so the aquarium and the zoo are places I'd like to take them but they are expensive for adults so I signed up for this FLASH pass as soon as I found out about it. Mine came in the mail today! It took about a week for them to process my application and I emailed it to them so didn't even have to use a stamp or drive to Seattle to submit my application.

I know there has been some discussion on the MS forums online about disabled parking placards and how difficult they are to get in some states but in the Seattle area anyway they are a breeze. I just got mine today. I just asked my neurologist if she thought it might be a good idea to have in case I need it on a day I have really bad fatigue and can't avoid going out and the next thing I knew, she had filled out and mailed the paperwork to me so I found a local DMV and walked in there after I filled out and signed my part of the form and they just processed the form and handed me 2 placards - there was no line so I got right in and was out of there within 5 minutes or so. It was super easy and they are good for 5 years at which point they just mail you a renewal notice. And they are free as well. No hassle whatsoever.

I also found out that through Verizon you can get free 411 service added to your cell phone line for free - there is normally a charge for using that service but it's free with a disability like MS - and you don't even have to send them any paperwork to prove it.

Anyway, these are the things I've found in our area so far and I thought I'd pass them along to others who might be interested.

  1. Thanks so much for sharing, DarlaKaye! I bet this will be very helpful for others in this community. Have a great evening! Erin ( Team Member).

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