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Finding a new nursing job

I work three 12 hour shifts as a neonatal intensive care nurse. I started by Bachelor's degree in hopes of switching jobs next summer. My problem is that I've started to become increasingly fatigued, although I perk-up in the afternoon/evening. I have no choice but to work full-time.

Any suggestions as to employers who hire nurses with disabilities, or what nursing jobs are available with afternoon/evening hours? Any MS support websites where I might find job listings? I also feel uncomfortable starting a new job without notifying them I have MS. How should I handle that? Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Feel free to ask me ANY questions to clarify this post if needed.

Thanks so much!

  1. Public health is a good option, lower pay but less physical stress. I work as a public health nurse and planning on returning soon. I am newly diagnosed at 57 after a major stroke like episode. I will be back soon. Another option is corporate nurse lines, where employees call for advise and referrals. Target has this and many other corporations. Good luck. This fatigue stinks

    1. Chris,

      Occasionally, I've seen advertisements for nurse call center jobs with different pharmaceutical companies, specifically for people with extra training in MS. Like Patea suggests, there are many ways that nurses are needed for telehealth jobs for different types of companies. A quick internet search produces several websites where these types of jobs are advertised. It would not be the same as having hands-on experience with patients, but another way to use your expertise to help others.

      Best of luck,
      Lisa (site moderator)

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