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Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and other options: How to choose what’s best for you

It’s that time of year for open enrollment (re: Medicare plans), so I thought this would be a good time to open up discussion on the topic.

I became eligible for SSDI/Medicare benefits in 2005. Over the years, I never took into consideration that there might be other options - but there were. So, in 2021, I switched over to a Medicare Advantage plan that continues to serve me quite well. Some people may also qualify for supplemental coverage too, but I do not. Medicaid is another option for some, but it’s very different from Medicare. A lot of people don’t always understand this.

What have your experiences been re: Medicare, Medicare advantage, or other health insurance plans - Any positive or negative commentary? Still unsure or have any questions?
Let’s discuss!

  1. Hi Everyone!!!
    I became eligible for Medicare in August 2021 when I reached my 25th month of receiving SSDI. At first, I hesitated for I was on a great insurance plan through my state's marketplace. After I did some research, I found out that it is mandatory for those collecting SSDI to go on Medicare when recipients collect their 25th monthly benefit. I had received communication approximately 3 months before my Medicare eligibility date and had to make a fast decision as to which Medicare to go with. At the time, Original Medicare, along with its separate drug plan and a supplemental plan to cover expenses that Original Medicare does not cover to be more expensive after adding all these parts together than my marketplace insurance ever was. Because of this, I had to go with a Medicare Advantage plan and have ever since. My current Medicare Advantage plan is an HMO one and having had many of this type of insurance plan through my employers when I was working, I know how to get around the limitations of doctor/imaging/blood work facility networks. Yes, a PPO is better for you often get better doctors with having a greater choice of doctors, etc.; however, it helps immensely to be a good medical group to begin with. I have been fortunate to be with great medical groups where the referrals to specialists have been good doctors as well as the imaging/blood work facilities within their network.

    1. We truly appreciate your input and experience.
      There certainly is a lot to consider. It sounds like you've done your research and you're in good hands.
      ~Doreen (Team Member)

  2. Help please, I became Medicare eligible in 12/2008. Should

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      Best, Erin, Team Member.

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