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Meditation to avoid stress

Does anyone has any alternative activities or tips for avoiding stress and improving mindfulness – I keep seeing advice about meditation but can't get into it. Does anyone else do anything that ticks the same box?

  1. Hi ! I hope you get lots of responses from the community. Here are a coupe of things I do to reduce stress: 1. Exercise: Exercise can be a great stress reliever if you are able to do it, especially walks and swimming. 2. Controlled breathing: I do this one often. Breathe in slowly (through your nose) for a count of four, hold the breath for a second, and then release the breath for a count of four. That type of breathing forces your body to slow down in a way that is similar to meditation. 3. Write or take photos: That is what I like to do, but some people find sketching, painting or crafting relaxing. 4. Sitting on the porch with a cup of decaf tea: Any relaxing environment will do -- your living room, the kitchen table near a window, wherever your comfortable spot is. I hope some of these ideas help. Best wishes! - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Rach23, I think the most useful activity for avoiding stress are the ones you personally like to do. If that reading or knitting or taking a walk outdoors, it has to fit your own personality and needs. What works for me might or might not work for you. Good luck in finding an activity that works for you and your circumstances. Laura, team member

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