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"My hair hurts!"

One of my early symptoms with MS was my "hair hurting". My dear husband would laugh, who has ever heard of someone's hair hurting, but it was, this would eventually be accompanied by pain in my face one side or the other. The pain in my face was such a hypersensitive sensation that a slight breeze would cause severe pain. It was real, these were some of my earliest symptoms before I was diagnosed, I still occasionally have the sensations but not as severe, but they can be an indication of a relapse for me.

  1. That is really interesting, . Many of our members have noted pain in their scalps or face, but I never thought of it as an early signal of a potential relapse. I hope that time of pain is rare for you nowadays. Thanks for sharing. - Lori (Team Member)

    1. Oh my Lord, I’ve complained about the same thing. Listening to myself it sounded odd. In addition, I sometimes

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