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Oral Tolerance - myelin therapy

Have you ever tried or heard of MS sufferers taking Myelin or Sphingolin- these are both Myelin extracts as treatment for MS. This is practiced by many MS folks & these products have been selling for years & years.

What is the Rational of this therapy?
It comes from experiments on animals with EAE ( EAE is a condition induced in animals and is the animal equivalent of MS) and EAE animals have been cured by taking Myelin orally.
This therapy is actually going in the right direction to heal & cure MS.
Scientists & Researchers have given the term “Oral Tolerance” for this treatment & strategy. But the really important part here is this treatment is successful in animals but
Not in humans.

Our Company is also into research with Oral Tolerance - we found 3 problems associated with this method that if each problem is resolvewill make this method effective treatment for humans.

These problems are:
1. antigens taken orally have to travel the whole length of the oral (mouth),
esophagus, stomach & small intestine before reaching the peyers patches(lymph nodes) for processing. But the whole length from mouth to small intestines
are filled with mucuos membranes with Immunoglobin A antibodies – this are Immunoglobin A to myelin antigen which will result in myelin - antibody complex but is not anymore antigen but a modified antigen and will not work.
2. Experiments on animals always used young, fresh, & healthy before inducing EAE – the animals produced good amounts of a lymphokine called B7 – called B7-1(CD80) & B7-2 (CD86) B7 production can be induced in blood cells by safe herbs.
3. Although safe herbs can induce B7 – the same herbs also cause production of other lymphokines (Interleukins, interferons, TGF-b) which cause inflammation & inflammation will bring failure.

Our company had to solve all 3 problems above – but that is how we have a successful formula.
If people use myelin it is not something that will result in cure, we advise folks to
Read how we solved the 3 problems above.

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Oral Tolerance has many applications – as long as we can have the target antigen, we will be able to create the complete formula.
We now formulas for Osteoarthritis, celiac disease, Hidradenitis suppurativa,
Diabetes 2, also Transplant rejection like kidney, etc.

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