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I have questions regarding flying with my Copaxone needles

For the first time since my diagnosis I am going to fly rather than drive on my vacation this year. I’m on Copaxone and of course that means needles. I know I need to take my pills in their bottles and to bring the label with the prescription off the Copaxone box. But I am nervous about getting through security with the needles, especially since it needs to be chilled at the same time. So if you’ve ever flown with your Rx needles I could use whatever knowledge you can share.

  1. Hi Alan Z.

    Thanks for the question and for being a part of our community! Others in the community might be able to share their tips for travel especially traveling with needles. In the meanwhile, here's our special section about traveling and MS: Hope this helps!


    Kelly, Team Member

    1. Hi Alan....I take Copaxone injections also and do a fair amount of traveling via air. I've not ever had any real issues with security. I always take the number of syringes (plus one or two for that "just in case" situation) and those are the ones I keep at room temp., so chilling is not a problem either. I use the insulated blue pouch that Shared Solutions provides. As far as TSA checking it, the once and only time I was questioned, it was the warm/ cold pack they were concerned with. ( It is over 3oz). I explained my use and need for it and they swiped it down and gave me the okay. As you mentioned, have your box package prescription "just in case" and travel on. I've traveled within the US and internationally without any trouble. Rest easy and enjoy your travel. 😀

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