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Hi all. I have sort of a unique temperature issue. I have a very narrow comfort zone. I"m pretty much cold all the time. I take hot showers because I need them to warm up and I sleep with an electric blanket most nights - even in the Summer when the air conditioner is on. And yet, in the Summer, when it's 80 degrees outside, I can't tolerate the heat - I start to lose my vision after only a few minutes out in the heat and it takes me about 15 or 20 minutes back inside to cool down enough that I get full vision back. That happens to me when I'm in a sauna too (which I only tried once when I was on vacation in November). I had never experienced the heat intolerance issues before this past Summer. I now realize that I have to be careful when it gets above about 75 degrees and make sure I don't need to drive anywhere for a little while after being out in the sun. Makes it hard when you have young children who need to get outside and play. Taking them to a park in 80 degree weather appears to not be an option for me now unless I have my husband or another adult with me to do the driving afterward. I don't understand how I can have the heat intolerance in saunas and outside in 80+ degree weather but not when I'm taking a hot shower or sleeping under an electric blanket but that's my reality. I have to wear sweaters over everything and I drink a lot of hot water or tea just to stay warm. Anyone else experiencing this odd combination of temperature issues?

  1. Hi DarlaKaye,

    I also experience extreme heat intolerance and find it challenging in my home where the upstairs bedrooms get so much hotter than the main living areas downstairs. The heat turns my brain to mush. But I also don't like it if it gets too cold and need to use blankets.

    I'm not surprised that you don't experience the same type of heat problems in the shower. It would probably take longer than a shower to raise your body temperature as much as 80+ weather or sauna might. And sleeping under the electric blank; your body may be warm, but you're asleep so probably don't notice any MS-related symptoms.

    For the summer, if you haven't previously contacted the MS Foundation or MSAA regarding their cooling equipment programs, you should. They are able to provide free cooling equipment/products to qualifying individuals. Cooling vests and scarves really can make a difference in the summer weather.

    Best wishes,

    1. Really? I thought the cooling equipment was probably expensive so never really investigated it. Free? I'll definitely look into it. It's supposed to be another hot (for our area anyway), dry Summer this year - we had a very warm Winter with lots of rain. El Niño which means warm, wet winters and hot, dry summers for us. Ugh!

      1. Darla, thank you for sharing. I have very similar issues with temperature. I am ALWAYS cold. I wear multiple layers and take hot showers. However, all of my relapses have taken place in August, when the temperature outside has been unbearable. I also fatigue very easily if I workout in the heat or humidity. And then it goes to the other extreme to the point where I cannot sleep if my feet are cold. I too wonder about this difference in temperature. My Mom always is warning me not to take a hot shower, and that is one of the best parts of the day because I feel warm!

        1. Yes, I also experience the temperature issues. Especially heat intolerance. I use a fan 24/7 even in the Winter. Extreme cold temps make my MS more painful and my muscles spastic. The vision issues you described while experiencing heat intolerance might be from something MSers get called "orthostatic hypotension". Look it up online. I have this. There is also "neurally mediated orthostatic hypotension."

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