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Last updated: January 2015

Breakthroughs in medicine have come almost exclusively from research.

Accelerated Cure for Multiple Sclerosis (AC-MS, www.acceleratedcure.org) is a non-profit organization focused on accelerating research that will lead to improved diagnoses, to optimized treatments, and ultimately to cures for multiple sclerosis.

Rather than funding individual research projects, we support four interrelated programs to speed the process of scientific discovery across the MS research community worldwide.

  • The Repository: A collection of highly characterized biosamples and data from over 3,200 participants, available to any scientist conducting research related to MS. The Repository has supported over 80 research studies to date, ranging from research into the causes of MS to studies supporting new treatments and diagnostic tools. As each project is completed, investigators return data to AC-MS, creating a database that currently contains 700 million pieces of information from 30 completed studies - more information about people with MS than has ever been assembled before - with billions more data points to come as more studies are completed.
  • MS Discovery Forum: A news and information portal, msdiscovery.org, sparks new ideas through information exchange and collaboration among scientists and clinicians. As part of its timely and in-depth coverage of new scientific developments, MSDF features news articles, podcasts, and data visualizations with analysis of current topics in MS research.
  • OPT-UP: A large-scale, real-world clinical study and collaborative research program designed to optimize treatment of MS and understand progressive disability. The OPT-UP study will enroll 2,500 people with MS and follow them for up to 5 years, collecting high-quality biosamples, brain MR images, and data on treatment outcomes.
  • iConquerMSTM: Engaged patients are no longer satisfied with traditional models of research that place them in a passive role. iConquerMSTM is a patient-driven, patient-governed national initiative to speed and enhance research that matters most to people with MS.

More about iConquerMSTM

This initiative is by and for people living with MS who want to contribute their ideas and their health data to fuel research. In this innovative new model, people with MS are data contributors, research collaborators, and research initiators. With funding from the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI), Accelerated Cure for MS and its partners have launched iConquerMS™ to enable the use of health data from 20,000 participants to speed and enhance research that matters. iConquerMS™ is part of the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network (PCORnet) funded by PCORI. As it evolves, iConquerMS™ can be the model by which other patient communities conquer disease with Big Data.

iConquerMS™ will make large amounts of data available to researchers, allowing them to generate new evidence in support of better diagnoses, improved treatments, and ultimately, cures. iConquerMSTM prioritizes patient contributions to the initiative’s research agenda. Registered participants are able to submit research topics of importance to them – topics that may become actionable research studies.

Those living with MS, their friends, and their loved ones are invited to visit www.iConquerMS.org to learn more about this groundbreaking initiative.

Please sign up and participate in iConquerMSTM – Your Data has Power.

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