Mommy’s Story and Daddy’s Story – Children’s Publications Available from MSAA

Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis can bring about many questions, concerns, and emotions. In addition to the initial challenge of learning about the condition, educating family members about MS can also be a great challenge for individuals who are newly diagnosed, especially when it comes to explaining the condition to young children.

mommy's story and daddy's story publications from MSAAThe Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) has published two books to help guide families through conversations with young children about an MS diagnosis. Mommy’s Story and Daddy’s Story are 16-page books written and designed for children who are three to seven years of age. The purpose of Mommy’s Story and Daddy’s Story is to help children understand MS and to reduce feelings of anxiety and worry. Both books focus on the symptoms that a parent may experience when diagnosed with MS. They also address various details about the disease, including the issues of taking medication and possibly going to the hospital. These books are both uplifting and loving – they show that daily life can go on as “normal” with some adjustments.

If a child appears to have a difficult time with the adjustment to a new diagnosis in a parent, it may be helpful to seek additional professional support. A child therapist can help your child to express some of the fears or concerns they are having. Art or music therapy can also help young children who may not verbally be able to explain how they are feeling.

We encourage you to share Mommy’s Story and Daddy’s Story with your young children – to download or order a copy for you and your family, please visit this link.

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