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Is that an MS Symptom?

Is that an MS Symptom?

Most informational MS sites you visit have loads of information on the common symptoms like numbness and optic neuritis but what about the other lesser-known evils of MS? There may be a stray article here or there, but there simply isn’t a lot of information on some of the rarer MS symptoms. Suddenly even in a sea of endless information, you may find yourself stranded on a seemingly deserted island left wondering- “is this an MS symptom” or “am I the only one who experiences this”? Here is Stephanie’s list of some of the lesser known MS symptoms. While some of these are known to be associated with MS, others are not so clear-cut.

Sleep tips and tricks

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L’hermitte’s Sign

Named for the French neurologist Jean Lhermitte, this is an electric sensation that runs down the spine when the head is bent forward. Sometimes the sensation also goes into the limbs, and it ranges from feeling like a tickle to an extremely painful phenomenon.


  • itasara
    4 years ago

    a poster wrote: “My first and only presenting symtom at dx was psychosis.” I’d be interested in more explanation about this? Was this the only psychosis event he had after being diagnosed? There are a number of reasons one might have psychosis. What was the event? It is hard to really now if this was caused as a result of MS. If it was, was it the stress of an event which could possible trigger MS? Or might it have happened regardless of MS? Some of these symptoms are really difficult to know if it is MS or not. My bladder urgency and overactive bladder is a symptoms common to MS but then many people (especially women) have this and do not have MS. Mine may be part of MS as it is probably a little more pronounced that is used to be, but I’m still not positive about it being a symptoms or caused by other reasons, or both! Also I lost my smell after a cold three yearse ago or so. That effected my ability to taste. Now I can smell some things but it doesn’t last long. I can taste some foods but only for a second and there seems to be this disconnect between what goes in my mouth and the interpretation by my brain about what it is I’m tasting. I have no after taste. So maybe it was a viral cause but then I wonder if the brain mouth disconnect is a neurolotical problem with MS or something caused by nerve damage as a result of a virus? No one can prove it either way and no one has any great solutions for this except maybe time will heal more if it is was viral problem. Or maybe some of it is part of getting older? but probably not this much!

  • Kelly McNamara moderator
    4 years ago

    Hi itasara. Thank you for commenting! One of contributor’s recently wrote about aging with MS that might be worth checking out: Thank you again for coming by, we are glad to have you as a part of our community! – Kelly, Community Manager

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