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Managing MS cramps

Tips for Managing MS Cramps and Spasms

One of the most discussed symptoms in the MultipleSclerosis.Net community is spasticity, which includes muscle spasms or cramps. We decided to ask our Facebook community how they deal with muscle cramps. Here are their tips on managing MS cramps and spasms. Curious to see all the responses? You can view the original article here.

Managing MS cramps and spasms


  • Lauraed613
    1 year ago

    My neurologist told me to start taking magnesium for my cramps. It worked really well except I can not take it everyday because it will give me diarrhea. But in the last few months I have started having spasms and the mag is not working as well. I try to use natural alternatives instead of pharmaceuticals and my neurologist is completely on board with this.

  • Na Kolohe
    3 years ago

    I have tried way too many Rx drugs, a lot of them opiate based and are subject to dosage creep. Best result so far is with medical marijuana with no dosage creep

  • Sarasshore
    2 years ago

    I agree that this is the single, most effective cramp/spasm medicine. And the only side effect is being hungry which I need help with anyway as I typically don’t feel my stomach anymore thanks to MS lesions, I don’t feel the nudge to eat. I’ve also found that it’s the only thing that helps me get a decent nights sleep(4 hours straight is awesome for me now, I’d do just about anything for a solid 8).

  • Jasp
    3 years ago

    I began having painful foot cramps in 2013. I managed them by always, always, always wearing socks and some kind of shoe or slipper. Sometime even in bed I would wear shoes. Without my shoes and/or socks my feet would invariably cramp. In November 2016, I began transitioning to the Wahl’s protocol diet for MS. I consistently ate (and eat) 9 cups of fruit and veg a day. Just that one change alone has made the cramping almost entirely go away. I take no more zanaflex and I reduced baclofen by half.

  • charlie-tca
    4 years ago

    I tried baclofen, but it gives me halucinations. Zanaflex makes me talk in my sleep, a lot, but stopped the calf cramping for over a year! It’s a great drug, 4mg twice a day works good for me.

  • Lisa
    5 years ago

    My favorite remedy is coconut oil, either topically or orally.

  • Mkannady
    2 years ago

    How do you take it orally? How much? Daily or when the cramping starts?

  • Melinda
    5 years ago

    Honey….works within seconds…just a little in your mouth. I keep a bottle next to my bed.

    I use raw unfiltered 100% honey.

    I would say, out of the last 50 x’s, I only had to take Baclofen once as a backup.

    I have severe leg, arches & toe cramps…to the point where my legs turn inwards and my toes arch upward.

    The pain is truly excruciating.

    A person that does not have MS uses it for leg cramps. So glad I saw her sucking on a bottle of honey one day.

  • Mkannady
    2 years ago

    This would be so easy. I may have to try it.

  • Mojosmom
    5 years ago

    bar soap (Ivory works for me) under my bottom sheet instantly relieves leg cramps when I wake up in the AM.

  • Constance
    5 years ago

    I’ve heard of several of these tips and started with lots of water, pickle juice, tonic water and hot tea. It’s good these tips are all in one place!

  • 22510hw
    3 years ago

    None of these work completely for me. My spasms are the worst part of my MS. It’s straightening my spine. Pelvis spasms so hard. I take baclofen,tuzandidi e, neurotoxin a prior. Also use RSO

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