27 Years

On this past October 17th, I turned 27 years old.  Each year I love reflecting over the past year and seeing how I’ve grown and how I’ve changed. Life is so short, that’s one thing I’ve learned…and each new day, much less year that I’m given I wake up thankful. Life is unpredictable, and while it’s not what I imagined, it’s truly all that I could have ever wanted. No, MS wasn’t wanted, but it is part of my story that makes me who I am, so for now, I’ll be thankful for the outlook it’s given me. Truthfully, I don’t think I would feel the way I do about certain things now if it wasn’t for MS. While I’m beyond thankful for the people and the things I have in my life, I find myself extremely grateful for the small things too. Most 27 year olds probably don’t wake up even giving a second thought about the things I’m about to list, but in my life these things aren’t inevitable.

Rolling out of bed in the morning

I’m thankful to be able to roll out of bed in the morning- Most mornings, I wake up pain free. That doesn’t mean the pain doesn’t creep its way over the course of the day, but to wake up pain free is a blessing. To be able to roll out of bed and walk to get my little boy is a huge blessing as well!

Keeping my body strong

I’m thankful my arms and legs still work-This isn’t always a given for us with MS. One day my arms and legs may not function like they do now. That is one reason I have committed to consistently working out. It’s important to me to keep my body as strong and healthy as possible while I’m still able. I’m thankful I can walk- My legs may grow weak, but I can walk. I can even run if I push myself. So, on days that I can, I take full advantage of taking walks and running after my toddler. I’m even thankful I can run around my house taking care of the daily chores, things that most people don’t necessarily enjoy, like cooking and cleaning. There are moments I do have to rest, and I take advantage of those, but I walk and I take care of things around the house, because for now, I can.

Learning new things

I’m thankful I can still think for myself- My brain does some silly things sometimes, and yes sometimes I stutter and it may take me a minute to get my point across, but overall my brain still works just fine! I’m still somewhat intelligent and I take advantage of learning new things every time I get a chance.

Thankful I can see

I’m thankful I can see- The world, all of its colors and beauty. I can see it all right now. My eyes are strong and for that I’m so thankful!

The little things

I’m thankful I can feel- Seeing and feeling things aren’t usually something people think much about. Unfortunately these senses can easily be ripped away from us. So today, I’m thankful I can feel. I’m thankful I know when the water is too hot or I can feel when it’s so cold outside that frostbite is a possibility. Those tests the neurologists and specialists do may seem silly, but I’m always thankful when I can feel when the thing stops vibrating! Oh, it’s the little things.

I know that some of these things I’ve listed may seem silly to others, but as I grow older I’m increasingly grateful for stable health, that my MS has not progressed, and that I’m surrounded by an amazing family, friends and overall support system. This 27th year of life is sure to bring challenges, but I’m ready to take them on. Today, though, I’m remaining thankful for things, big and small.

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