The After-Party 'It'

My Uncle Joe turned 80 years old! There was a joyous celebration to commemorate such a milestone and it was amazing! The party embodied class, style, happiness and great fun. Certainly an event that encompassed so many of my favorite things: Getting dolled up to get out of the house for fun and laughter, a wealth of family and friends - some that I hadn’t seen in years and some that I met anew, delicious food, touching reflections dedicated to the birthday guy, an endearing video presentation, awesome entertainment which included guests participation, and dancing!

When MS thinks you've had too much fun

And then, it happened. 'It' would be defined as ‘what happens when MS thinks you’ve had too good of a time’. 'It' infiltrates your thoughts. You begin to think about all those wonderful things you've just enjoyed immensely and just how much MS negatively impacts them. I love getting dolled up although I can no longer do so independently. Out of all of the attendees, there so many that I missed or may have only seen in passing because I am confined to a manual wheelchair knowing that my walker just won't do the trick. The delicious food that looks, smells and tastes so good; however, I handle the utensils and food clumsily and make a mess all the while attempting to appear to eat gracefully. And then the dancing.. I can't. Yet the music sounds soooo good!

Staying in my positive state of mind

Others with chronic illnesses, conditions and challenges may, too, experience 'it' as it relates to their own personal situations. If so, and, if you're anything like me, you want it to quickly go far away into the abyss where fleeting thoughts go. I am determined to chase 'it' away with a healthy dose of 'but'. 'It' abhors 'but,' so I use it as a tool to get out of that space which poses a threat to my state of mind.

Focusing on the 'but'

Introducing… 'But'. I love getting dolled up and can no longer do so independently. But once I received the help I needed, the end result was pretty nice, if I do say so myself. I may have missed the chance to see or talk to some of the party guests due to my mobility. But, I enjoyed all of those I was able to see and/or talk to. There was delicious food that I clumsily ate. But, I still enjoyed the meal and didn’t leave hungry. And then there was the dancing. The music sounded soooo good, yet I couldn't do the Electric Slide, Cupid Shuffle, or other line dances. But, I was able to groove in my own way and there’s always ‘Dianne’s Wave’ my very own post-MS dance move.

The party was a wondrous affair and I am so happy to have been able to celebrate with my uncle. He was happy and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. 'It' didn't prevail, 'but' got the victory!

Have a lustrous spirit
no matter what.
Remember, the sun can still shine in spite of the rain.

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