Anxiety in MS: Frequently Overlooked and Undetected

“Individuals living with MS know that it's the unpredictability, and therefore the difficulty, in planning and preparing for the effects of MS on your life, that drives one's anxiety.”  *

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Anxiety is a common issue in multiple sclerosis, estimated to affect 43 percent of individuals living with MS. Despite their prevalence in the MS population, anxiety disorders remain overlooked and undertreated. Unfortunately, when anxiety disorders remain undetected, they can have a serious impact on a person’s quality of life.

The number and diversity of symptoms associated with anxiety are striking. In fact, anxiety disorders can even cause physiological symptoms ranging from dry mouth to frequent urination. Because some of these effects can also be symptoms of MS, recognizing an anxiety disorder can be challenging.

In the Winter/Spring 2014 issue of MSAA’s flagship MS magazine The Motivator, we featured a cover story exploring the emotional and psychological effects of MS. The cover story included a piece specifically on anxiety disorders, which can be viewed on our website. By reading the article, you can learn more about the signs of anxiety, the types of anxiety disorders, and the treatments available for them.

 The cover story also explores:

You may also download the full issue of the magazine as a PDF.

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quoted from "Anxiety in MS: Frequently Overlooked and Undetected" in the Winter/Spring 2014 issue of The Motivator, by Dr. Miriam Franco MSW, PsyD, MSCS

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