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MS Awareness

This is an invisible illness for so many of us – the majority of people with multiple sclerosis (MS) aren’t in a wheelchair and don’t need a walker or even a cane.  We mainly look just like everyone else. Even though I use a cane now, if you put me behind a desk or talk to me on the phone, there is nothing to distinguish me as having something special going on.

And that’s precisely why we need a time like MS Awareness month to ramp up the attention on multiple sclerosis. This isn’t to take away from all the other conditions out there that are equally deserving of awareness and media coverage, but this is our month. March is our time to put Multiple Sclerosis on display.

Awareness is not enough

Not so long ago, awareness seemed to be enough – we wanted to make people aware we have MS. But there is a major shift in priorities and we also now need to promote education, support and acceptance.

If you have MS, you know what I mean. There are so many well-intentioned people out there who think they know what we go through with MS, but as they say… until you walk in our shoes you can’t really know what it’s like to live with this chronic disease. Educating others about what my disease is, continues to be a priority.

Acceptance of people who are different has always been a problem, and acceptance of people with MS is no different. If people are educated about MS, they are more likely to understand and accept the limitations we face and support ways to include us in all facets of life.

How will you help?

How will you observe March and MS Awareness month? I hope your plans include finding ways to let others know more about MS. Or you might take the time to write your elected officials about supporting MS advocacy efforts for healthcare and legislative concerns. Whatever you do, it’s appreciated and helps to complete the MS awareness cycle.

Awareness, education, support and acceptance brings this invisible disease out into the public view, and we all benefit.

Wishing you well,


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  • Shasha
    1 year ago

    MS awareness. Just explain MS all year long. Many people have no idea that health that symptoms may come and go depending on the diet. Gluten/dairy/soy/sugar/GMO/food with a label hurts me Taking vitamins/good oils/minerals…probiotic…LDN…detoxing help me. Friends may think I am not friendly since I maybe low in energy to do things and the way I eat doesn’t allow me to travel/leave for a long time. I can’t eat friend’s food or at holidays. MS can be due to gluten. Yes…some are jealous, but don’t realize the hell MS people go through. I look ok, but memory is not good since recently I now got Lyme/coinfections and I may not sleep through the night. I do ozone/chiropractor/EDTA and DMPS IV chelations/see the doctor/do hair tests/Zyto scans/Genova tests/electrodermal testing. I can swim 10 minutes only due to my adrenals being burned out. I do natural only help which is awesome. I need to avoid 99% of the food in the grocery store and need to avoid chemicals/paints etc. My house is starting to look cluttered due to lack of energy and organization….piles waiting for me to deal with them. People have no idea what MS is. Montel looks good and more. I do natural help and need to avoid all drugs except LDN. I need Bioidentical hormones and thyroid dose not by TSH. I can’t handle going into a hospital/Clinic and seeing very sick people since I feel they could heal if they did natural help. People wonder why I talk so much about health, but it affects me 24 hours a day…survival mode and research/learning to help my health is 24 hours a day for the last 17 years. MS started 30 years ago, but the computer/books helped me figure out how to help my MS. I can’t cheat/vary from my protocol I figured out if I want to be ok. MS people to me can heal with natural help/Celiac diet. Herbs instead of antibiotics help me. I just tell people about my health and many are interested since they are learning to help their health also with natural help. Some people are closed minded and want only doctor drugs which only cover symptoms. Life is a journey. Each person needs to figure out what helps/hurts them. They can learn how to help their own health. There is hope/help with Alternative/natural ways. I love Alternative medicine which saved my life! Alternative medicine people are awesome/kind/loving/listen/help in amazing ways. My kids used to be afraid, but now they know they themselves can help their health daily with fish oil etc. My sons don’t want to go gluten free. Gluten is like Heroin and sugar is like cocaine so people may crave it. My sons don’t want to eat like me, but eventually they may not have a choice if they want a good healthy/happy life. My diet is not so bad…it is an Asian diet. Pets and people need grain free food so their health can thrive. America food hurts people. This is what I tell others. My mom is starting to understand. She sees a 90 year old later who is like 70 years old due to eating gluten free. MS can be due to gluten and people may heal fast when they stop gluten/dairy etc..Sunlight may help the immune system. Exercise may help make more mitochondria (engines of the cells). Sweating may help detox. Good water/no vaccines/natural only help helps me. Alternative medicine to me is God’s way…only helps.

  • LuvMyDog
    1 year ago

    I was diagnosed with MS nearly 36 years ago. I have found that no matter what I say to people about this disease, it goes in one ear and out the other, with them, adding at the end, “but you look good, you don’t look sick.” Someone just said that to me the other day.
    As far as I’m concerned, no one will ever get it. People who do not have this disease will NEVER understand what it’s like because they are not experiencing it. It’s no different than not knowing what it actually feels like to break your leg in three places and live in a cast for however long, unless it’s actually happened to YOU. I’ve given on the ignorant general public.

  • LuvMyDog
    1 year ago

    “I’ve given up on the general public.” Forgot to add in “up”.

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