Ball and Chain of Multiple Sclerosis

Ball and Chain of Multiple Sclerosis

Recently, have you been able to get up and go somewhere without having to plan? Have you been able to leave the house with out making sure you’re covered medicine wise? Don’t forget you need to expect the unexpected; you need to be prepared for what COULD happen.

Mental checklist

Does any of the above sound familiar? Do you have to go through everything and ask yourself if you have everything you need?

Let me start by explaining that pre-Multiple Sclerosis, I never used purses. I used my pockets and that was it. Personally, I really do not like purses because I always put too much in the purse and then I can’t find anything.

One of the things that I really miss that doesn’t seem as obvious as other things, is being able to leave without the ol’ Ball and Chain of MS.

Having emergency supplies on hand

I didn’t have to worry about making sure I have all medicines I could possibly need and that they were filled and I wasn’t running low at all. I also believe my husband enjoyed the fact that I didn’t take as long to leave to go somewhere.

Don’t get me wrong; I’ll pack up what I need ahead of time for out-of-town trips. Although, it never fails that once I get in the car and the car is put in reverse, I remember something I forgot. All the while I’m thinking to myself… I just want to leave the house without having to take half, if not all, of my personal pharmacy with me. Let me also explain that I have left the house without my ‘ball and chain’ so to speak, and I don’t mean my husband.

Making a big mistake

I was going to the grocery store not too far from where we live, I wasn’t going to be gone long. That certain day, I had felt amazing that specific day. I don’t need to lug around a heavy purse with my life in it, right?

Wrong! I was very wrong. For the record I don’t like admitting I was wrong, ever. But I just have to say that this was the biggest mistake I’ve made in a very LONG time. I didn’t plan for the store to be packed, due to the time of the day I was going.

Sensory overload

However, it was packed… which then led to me having ‘sensory overload’ while there. This happened to occur in the middle of the summer in Texas, so then I got overheated to top it all off.

So, I begin to contemplate what to do… Should I leave my groceries and go home, or should I finish up and check out, so I don’t have to come back. Did I mention that I’m a homebody? I don’t like to leave the comfort of my home if I don’t have to. I also deal with anxiety to top it all off, but I did not have ANY of my medication on me.

I wasn't looking too good

Finally, I decided to stick it out and finish up what I came to the store for so that I didn’t have to return at a later time. By the time I got to the cash register, I’m guessing I wasn’t even looking too good from the outside because the cashier asked if I was okay. Luckily for me, they provide assistance out to your car and help to unload your groceries.

When I as all loaded up, I sat in my car just to rest for a bit and get a game plan set for when I do get home. It’s dead of summer, and I have cold things that need to make it inside the house.

Needing a long recovery

Once I get home, I thank my lucky stars that my husband had made it back home by then with my kids, so they could unload the groceries from the car and then put them away.

I got inside the house and practically fell on the couch completely exhausted. I didn’t even have the energy to explain what happened to my husband because it just took too much energy.

Looking back, I think it was mainly the heat that caused it, but also the sensory overload in the store that just equaled up disaster for me. It took me almost 48 hours to recover and get my energy back after this.

My MS management kit

To sum it all up, I will NEVER leave the house with out my ‘ball and chain’ that is my MS management kit aka my purse. You know that saying of, you don’t know what you’re missing until it’s gone… well I feel like it could even apply to just daily life and needs when living with MS.

Does anyone else deal with this? Can you leave your house without having to bring along your ‘ball and chain’?

Until next time,

Ashley Ringstaff

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