The Choice Is Mine... and Yours

Last updated: May 2019

You and me not gonna wake up every morning and get what we want.

A choice is necessary

I heard that notable line in a movie once. Though I cannot remember which movie it was, that one astute line still resonates within me. It is incredibly factual, most accurate and undoubtedly applicable in an array of situations that anyone can experience in a lifetime. There will be those wondrous days, whether fun-filled or just comfortably content or uneventful, that we awaken to and all is well until bidding goodnight; however, there are the mornings we arise and must face the ongoing or onset of various unfortunate happenstances or adversities. For instance, a troubled relationship, a child in some sort of crisis, loss of a loved one, financial woes, vehicular problems, poor health, involuntary job loss, and world calamities are only several examples of waking up to something we don’t want to encounter. Naturally, what anyone would want to awaken to every day are good days, good times. That's not particularly realistic so a choice is necessary - succumb to the trials we are faced with or seek ways to manage and cope to live a fulfilling life in spite of them.

A whole new MonSter

I awakened on July 13, 2007 to receive a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis. Over the years and especially presently, I awaken to the daily challenges of living with a chronic, degenerative disease. Definitely unwanted. I learned early on that it was necessary to make a choice because there was now a whole new MonSter of an element to awaken to which didn't replace any other trials, but instead added to them and it wasn't going anywhere.

It's enough to drive one to despair

Admittedly, it's a lot... the burning pain, extremely limited fine and gross motor skills, unpredictability, loss of independence, creepy crawlies, seizures, fatigue, the progression, etc., attributed to MS, and it really is enough to drive one to despair, but my choice was not to succumb to despondency.

Living my best life

If I wanted to live my best life in spite of my circumstances, I was cognizant that if I...

...didn't choose optimism, I could succumb to uncertainty and fear.

...didn't focus on positivity, I'd easily succumb to depression.

...didn't practice ‘staying in the game’ I  would more than likely succumb to a life of reclusion.

...didn't want to live life, I'd assuredly succumb to misery.

The help of a positive outlook

"You and me not gonna wake up every morning and get what we want,” but some days are better than others. I think it has a lot to do with my choices. Mentally, a positive outlook can help through much of the battles in our lives, specifically mine with MS. To be morose every day only compounds to already unfavorable circumstances. I encourage making the choice to try hard to find a silver lining, to not succumb to the unpleasantries along our way, but instead learn to live past them.

To OVERcome and not SUCcumb is a choice we must all make!

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