The Best Thing to Do Is Live

The best thing to do at this moment is…Live.

Life happens

Life ‘happens’ to each and every one of us. We have joyous, sorrowful, strenuous, fun, fearful, confusing times and everything in between. If you get from one phase to the other- especially the difficult ones - pat yourself on the back because that means you’ve made it through one more thing, obstacle, day.. What you have successfully done at those moments

Looking back as we get older

Some people approach milestone years - 30, 40, 50... with disdain. However, there is but one alternative to getting older. A different perspective would be to allow yourself to age gracefully knowing that you are wiser, sensationally seasoned and a conqueror. Life is filled with ups and downs, highs and lows. The older we get, we can look back with warmth at the pleasant memories from the good times... And we can look back with pride that we are still here after enduring the storms that clouded our trajectories. New years bring new opportunities, experiences and lessons. We can then apply what was learned in our yesteryear to navigate wiser to our future. Welcome each year, each day with gladness and should there be a moment when apprehension or spurn creeps in relative to getting older, the best thing to do is to just send those thoughts where fleeting thoughts abide... and with determination and zeal, live.

I still have a life to live

I was diagnosed at 37 years old with Multiple Sclerosis. Due to gait and balance difficulty, I was ordered to begin using a cane the very day I was diagnosed. 11 years later, MS has me wheelchair bound 80% of the time, medically retired, and presents a plethora of challenges daily. However, I know that “You are not knocked down and defeated until your self tells your self that you are knocked down and defeated” (A self authored quote). I still have a life to live, so I focus on what I can do, what I love to do, and what I can do to make myself feel better. With that said, at dispirited times.. since I refuse to lose myself totally to MS... I recognize that the best thing to do at those moments is to just live.

There's a song that came out years ago, but it's message continues to be relevant today...

Keep on moving
(Don’t stop)
Keep on moving, don’t stop no
(Like the hands of time)
Keep on moving
(Click clock)
(Find your own way to stay)
Keep on moving
The time will come one day...”

I love the song as well as it's message: Appreciate the life you have, keep moving, don't stop (give up, succumb to the trials) and in trying times, the best thing to do is live.

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