Best Tips for Managing Cognitive Symptoms

Cognitive symptoms can be an especially frustrating aspect of MS.

Multiple Sclerosis is often associated with varying levels of cognitive dysfunction. These symptoms can present in many different ways - difficulty concentrating, problems finding the right words, feelings of “sensory overload” or slower thinking, and memory loss.  Although most people with MS will not experience severe cognitive impairment, several of our community members noted experiencing some of these symptoms.

Our community shares tips for managing a variety of cognitive symptoms.


Have you tried cognitive remediation to help with your symptoms?

Make Lists


What do you use to create lists (check all that apply)?


Do you keep a calendar?


When did you start experiencing cognitive problems?

Keep your brain active


Do you partake in any \"brain games\" (check all that apply)?


Have you had a comprehensive evaluation, such as a battery test to identify your cognitive problems?


Do you take any medications specifically to help with cognitive symptoms(check all that apply)?

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