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Blogging; A Therapeutic Form of Writing

Last updated: January 2015

I recently talked about trying to find ways to receive support when we can’t get it at home. I mentioned that I tend to bottle things up and try to deal with them on my own. Well, it’s not healthy to keep all that emotional mess inside of you so how do you let it all out without talking someone’s ear off? Well let me tell you what I do; I write.

I recommend you write all your thoughts and feelings down in a personal journal/diary whether it’s with a pen and paper or a word document on the computer. The way I look at it is, those thoughts and feeling are no longer inside of me but instead, they are stuck on that piece of paper or word document. It’s no longer a part of me. I have even burnt what I wrote to let those thoughts and feelings dissipate into the air. Dramatic I know but I am very sentimental. I suppose it gives me a sense of control because I am not always in control of my emotions or life but when I put it down on paper I can hold it and now all of a sudden it’s not so big; it all fits in my hand and it has almost no weight what so ever. If it’s all in a word document I can simply throw it in the trash/recycle bin but I do admit, that’s not as satisfying as watching them go up in smoke depending on what I wrote… so then I print it out, delete it, then burn it… haha OK I can’t really recommend anyone play with fire, it’s just an example, SO DON’T BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE OR HURT YOURSELF! PLEASE! AGAIN, OVERDRAMATIC!

Another option is to create a blog. Don’t want people to read it? Not a problem! Create a personal blog that only you the author can see! I know you can do it easily with Blogger and I am sure Wordpress has the same option but I don’t use Wordpress so… I am not sure how. Point is, by creating a personal blog you have your very own customizable journal/diary that will keep itself organized and (if you are like me) legible! Want to post a picture with what ever you are writing? Easy! Honestly you can do posts with nothing but pictures, almost like a photo album of memories, which I have also done before. Like they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and with the poor memories that people with MS tend to have sometimes a picture of somewhere you went or someone who visited you can remind you of so much more than writing ever could! Plus not everyone enjoys actually writing or even have the fine motor skills to type! For example, I can’t write by hand but can at least type so that is my medium. If you can’t do either try that Dragon software! I have used it and it worked pretty well when I could not even type!
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What I personally like about writing is that it allows me to carefully choose my words and organize my thoughts. It forces me to take a close look at how I am feeling by making me choose the right words to my thoughts (or try). This often leads to my own realizations; I start writing because I want to express a problem but I finish with an answer that was found all on my own. This does not always happen but because I write publically, when I can’t find an answer on my own, there is usually a reader who finds it for me because as I have said before in previous articles, a lot of other people tend to know exactly what we are going through and how we feel because they have been there (or still are there) too. This also allows you to find a wide array of opinions and advice if that is something you feel you could use.

Writing is an excellent way to get your emotions out of your head and (if you want) a great way to connect with other people going through the same thing. You might also end up helping someone else in the process of trying to help yourself. If you ask me? Not enough people talk about their MS, especially not when they have nothing but good things to say about their life. You don’t have to have a stark picture to paint in order to write about your life, not everyone enjoys dwelling in squalor. Most people are just happy to find out they are not alone in feeling what they feel or dealing with what ever they are dealing with. Blogging can be a positive influence on the online MS community and I know that I enjoy adding to that mixing pot where people don’t judge but instead try to understand.

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