Building Your Healthcare Team

This is a VERY important topic for all of us… and I feel that it doesn’t get spoken about a lot.

Now from past experience, I feel that it is crucial to find a neurologist to care for your MS that you are comfortable with and can trust. This also goes for your Primary Care Physician and any other doctors you need to see.

The neurologist I have now is an MS Specialist. He is not the first neurologist I’ve seen for my MS. My Primary Care Physician had referred me to a General Neurologist, and he then diagnosed me with Multiple Sclerosis.

However, I did not feel completely comfortable with him, and of course after receiving such a life changing diagnosis, I wanted to have a second opinion.

You are your best advocate when it comes to receiving the best health care you can get. My neurologist now really addresses all of my issues and concerns. However, I also feel comfortable enough and trust him enough, to be completely open and honest with him.

The truth to the matter is, your symptoms can’t be helped if you do not discuss with your physician. And trust me, I know that some of the symptoms that accompany MS can be VERY embarrassing to speak about. They aren’t mind readers… so they do need to have you speak to them about your concerns in order to help you out.

So, for instance… I brought up some urinary issues I was having like two years ago… so I was 24. I was told to see a urologist, and I did, even though I REALLY didn’t want to. I can tell you that whatever you bring up, it’s nothing that they haven’t heard before.

I can honestly say that I don’t feel like any questions I have are ‘dumb’ or ‘unnecessary’. I came to the conclusion that I can either discuss it with my Healthcare Team, or suffer with whatever symptom was bothering me that wasn’t being treated.

Also, it’s important to bring up these symptoms, even embarrassing ones, because this could mean that you are in a flare or that your treatment to help slow progression isn’t working. As most of us know, these medications to try and slow progression aren’t cheap, so we need to make sure that we aren’t on something that we aren’t benefitting from.

Check out these Common MS Symptoms and Uncommon MS Symptoms… they had to be ‘recognized’ as a symptom of MS somehow, right? Well, that just goes to show you that you aren’t alone in what you’re experiencing… that someone else with MS has experienced or is experiencing them as well.

If you want to know how you can find a neurologist in your area, you can contact your Local MS Chapter, through the National MS Society by clicking here. You can also look up neurologists by specialty by clicking here as well.

I really hope this information helps you. I wish I had known then (new to MS) what I know now.


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