Can't Make This Up

So I'm gonna have another "vent" post... and I hope I'm not alone with what I'm about to discuss.

Have you ever had someone tell you, "I think you're exaggerating" or "I think you're making that up." When you're talking about how you're currently feeling due to your MS? I have ... more often than I can deal with.

In all honesty... I would have to be an AMAZING actress & have a really big imagination to "make up" how I'm feeling, or how bad the pain I'm feeling is. I think that's why I don't "voice" how I'm truly feeling all the time when someone asks. I mean who wants to hear "It hurts REALLY bad" over and over...

Invisible pain

I hear the "making it up" comment mostly when I'm experiencing nerve pain... because for those of you who have had the "pleasure" of experiencing nerve pain... it's not something you can see of course, but it's also really hard to explain. I've used... getting burned by acid at one point... and I was being completely honest when I said that... but I still got told "you're exaggerating" or "you're making it up".

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I wish I was making it up

Do I wish I was "making it up" ... yeah... I really do. I wish I didn't have to feel what I have to feel from the symptoms that MS has brought on me. But I think something that people don't understand is that I really DON'T want someones pity on how I'm feeling... I just want someone to discuss it with at times, or just to get it off my chest, so to say. More or less... I'm looking for support in my fight, not at all pity. I can't even explain how much I hate seeing the look of pity on someone's face when directed at me. That's not while I discuss how I'm feeling... it's just nice to talk about how I'm feeling, instead of keeping it all bottled up inside.

So... the bottom line is... We can't make this up.... there is no describing the "invisible" symptoms. I'm one of the MS patients that you can't "tell" something is wrong with me just looking at me. You wouldn't know that... Yes.. I have been in a wheelchair... I've depended on a Walker & a Cane as well... But just because I no longer need those on an every day basis, doesn't mean that I'm "all better".


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