Common Sense... MIA

You’ve heard the saying before, “I wish common sense was a bit more common.” If you haven’t, where have you been? Just kidding… Anyways, I have used the above statement more times than I count, and I still do till this day. I wished more people would use their ‘common sense’ when it comes to discussing my MS, etc. But that’s not what I want to touch base on right now.

Today, I want to discuss the fact that at times, I seem to lose my own common sense. Yep, total hypocrite right here, but I don’t seem to have my ‘common sense’ at times due to Cog-Fog aka Cognitive Impairment. Let me just give you an example… I was helping make dinner the other night… and I was making scalloped potatoes, out of box (don’t judge me lol). Well I was at a friend’s house that we have dinner with at least once a week. I’m going through the measuring cups… he comes in (my husband’s best friend) and I’m like do you not have a 2/3 measuring cup? He comes over to where I am, and sees that I have the 1/3 measuring cup in my hand. He then says, just fill that up twice. He said this completely straight faced, by the way, so props to him for that. Because I sat there staring at the cup… because how did I not get that? Before he came in, I was about to Google it! So I set the cup down, and just start laughing at myself, because what else could I do?

Is it upsetting that the most common things slip my mind, yes. But I’ve gotten to the point that I try to laugh it off, instead of getting upset about it. Now, most the people I hang around on a regular basis knows about my MS and the struggles I face. So I don’t have to deal with many snarky comments, as much as I used to. I even deal with this issue when I’m sitting down helping my kids with their homework. My kids are in 2nd and 5th grade, mind you. I sit there sometimes and wonder when all this stuff I learned in Middle School, began in Elementary these days. But I try really hard to help them when needed. Just because I Google about a certain thing when they aren’t looking… I’m at least trying to help them!

I pretty sure I covered a lot about this in one of my recent blogs, I’ve Sprung a Leak… and this is in relation to it, but not exactly.

The weird thing is, when I’m having a hard time cognitively, I can feel it coming on… I’m fatigued & confused about everything that’s going on during that time. Now, when I seem to be having these ‘common sense disappearing’ acts, it’s completely out of nowhere. Like how I was helping making the side for dinner, I had done math to add up measurements for a different side, with complete ease. But for some random reason, I couldn’t come up with how to get 2/3 cup from what I had in front of me.

Now, my husband says that at times, it seems like I do things without thinking first. So… I’m used to speaking before thinking it through in my head, and that can get awkward at times… but thinking before doing, the most simple task at times, I’ve thought about it, I have a plan in my head what I’m gonna do. For some reason though, I tend to do the complete opposite of what is supposed to be done. I mean, follow a direction… that’s common sense. We’ve been taught that from a very early age. But do I follow the directions even when I begin the task? Nope. My MS just decides it doesn’t like my ‘plan of action’ and decides to change it all up on me.

It sort of reminds me of that commercial for insurance, with the old fisherman dangling a dollar and saying, “Oh! You almost got it!” That’s how I feel at times. I know it frustrates my husband at times, when I don’t do things that are so easy. He understands y’all, let me just say that right now. But I can’t really blame him for getting annoyed about me not being able to do something to simple. He has told me in the past that he wasn’t frustrated with me, per se, but just seeing what I’m going through. I got the ‘huff’ of frustration… so I took it personally. But anyways… we won’t get into that at the moment.

So what about everyone else? Am I making sense? Do you feel like you’re having a “Good MS Day”, but still seem to not be able to grasp the simplest thing aka common sense? Did your common sense up and vacate the building?

 That’s all for now… it’s a Friday, and I really need to unwind with an adult beverage!


Ashley Ringstaff

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