No More Rain

I recall personal instances when everything seemed to happen at once - and not necessarily pleasant things. They were various levels of severity, but always worrisome enough to note that I wished not to experience them simultaneously. They were also stressful enough to appreciate the idiom "when it rains, it pours".

Then, there came a monsoon

There came a time when I learned to appreciate the buoyancy, the strength, and the optimism, to manage rainy days. Unforeseen circumstances would arise that may require monetary attention, time, assistance, and many times, some degree of creativity to weather. I would think 'Ughhh..not now!' And then, there came a monsoon. While already dealing with 'life' in general, a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis poured down upon me. Although relieved to finally discover the culprit of fatigue, incontinence, weakened legs, numb and tingly fingers and toes, I thought 'Ughhh...where'd this come from? Not this...please not now!'

Doing whatever it takes to stay afloat

Just like rain, adversity comes. That's just life, and we must manage until it stops. But some things won't stop. MS doesn't stop and, for now, it doesn't go away. Despite everything else that comes, I steel myself to sustain daily - not with an umbrella, but with symptom management medication, DMDs (disease-modifying drugs), stress relief tactics, whatever it takes to not get wet when it pours. But... MS can be a lot. It's those moments during which, even if it seems inane, I find myself wishing for no more rain.

No more rain (original poem by Dianne R. Scott)

Absolutely void of issue and strictly void of strife. That’s just unreal, not likely, an unrealistic life. The truth is, as a part of the world in which we live, there’ll be situations to endure – some small, some massive. Likely matters won’t present singly, of that be assured. Wish for no more rain because when it rains, it pours.

Illness. Homelessness. Poverty. Addiction. The possibilities are endless, it can be any affliction. What can occur can run the gambit – what, how, when, why – no one knows it. What’s true is the timing isn’t always friendly for sure. Wish for no more rain because when it rains, it pours.

Take me for instance: living with MS. Life doesn’t stop nor give me a pass. What rages on still rages, what may come, still comes – in spite of my pain, spasticity, fatigue or being numb. I still have responsibilities and need to handle my affairs, yet MS marches on without a worry nor care. Bad is one struggle alone, but MS added, I absolutely deplore. Wish for no more rain because when it rains, it pours.

Of three things I'm certain: Trouble doesn't last always, there will be a cure for MS one day, and when it rains, it pours - until the sun shines again. And it will.

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