Count Our Blessings And Say A Prayer On September 11

A few years ago I attended an MS conference sponsored by the pharmaceutical company I used to work for as a Peer Advocate. Also attending were MS peers from around the country; people dedicating their time and effort to help others with MS who used the same disease-modifying medication that we did.

The annual conference is held to educate new advocates about current research and to practice better techniques when speaking to MS callers. It’s a fun-filled weekend of reunions with old friends and making new ones.

After three days I learned a lot. Not only from the speakers but also from my peers - my friends – who are strong, vibrant people with loving minds and compassionate hearts. They make me proud to know them.

We all have MS but we don’t allow it to define who we are. We are each unique and have so much to offer to the world.

One of the speakers, who has MS, shared his personal journey of touring the country despite overwhelming fatigue. He kept a busy schedule at a frantic pace. His advice? Do what you can, when and if you can, but just do it!  He travels from town to town, state to state and keeps in his pocket a bunch of cheer and a whole lot of love.

He happily shares his story as a way of giving back to the MS community.

The MS community is a large, friendly and vibrant one. We band together to listen, cheer, empathize and give each other advice. We hold each other up in good times and in bad. I have learned a lot from my MS friends. They - YOU - inspire me every day.

This September 11 let’s band together and honor the heroes we lost that day. They are people and families we did or did not know and deserve our compassionate hearts to say a silent prayer for them.

This tragedy emphasizes how unpredictable and fragile life can be. Live each day to the fullest within your abilities. Tell your loved ones how much you care, and hug them a little tighter. Thank them for their help. Be mindful and grateful for your blessings. Be kind. Show compassion. Do something nice for someone else.

And, above all, hold hope in your heart that someday the world will be a safer and healthier place for everyone.

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