Doctors Who Spread Misinformation…

“I'm confused, I've seen 3 or 4 neurologists, including VA Neurologists and they all keep saying that MS is a women's disease. The VA Neurologists did MRIs of my lower back, neck and brain, all without Contrast ... the only one with Contrast they did was the brain, they tried to tell me Contrast doesn't really show anything ... I had a white spot and they said that those are normal, everyone has those and that I don't have MS. I can't seem to get any help, and it's so frustrating. Any suggestions?"

This is a comment I got on an old blog post of mine about how multiple sclerosis is diagnosed. Most people just ask me if I think they have MS but all I can say is “they need to see a neurologist and get tested” because I am not a doctor. Every once in a while, I hear something like this that just makes me mad but this one really irritated me because every bit of information they gave this guy was unbelievably wrong…

Now before I go on, I just want to say, this is not me trying to just bash doctors and be all negative, this is simply me trying to find an explanation for something I observe all the time.

So I replied to this comment and told him that these “doctors” he saw either did not actually go to medical school or are flat out lying to him. But really I think it has to do with the reason I dislike many (not all) doctors; “I am a doctor, a NEUROLOGIST, I am a step down from God so how dare you question me. Whatever I tell you is pure truth.” That mentality is called a major ego. Sound like someone you have seen? I can’t stand people with an ego and as many of you know, a lot of doctors are 90% ego!

I can’t say ALL doctors because I assume it’s like how most sociopaths get into business or politics; if they don’t care about people it makes it really easy to do the ugly stuff that makes them a success but not all businessmen or politicians are sociopaths. So I think people with a huge ego are attracted to things like becoming a doctor of some sort because of the power it gives them over others. Of course, this is PURE speculation on my part but I just can’t find any other explanation. Also, again, I am not overgeneralizing doctors here; there are obviously many great doctors out there who care dearly about their patients. I am just talking about the doctors who clearly do not.

What really grinds my gears is that as a patient with MS (or any other chronic disease) we typically want to educate ourselves on this disease because we will probably live the rest of our lives with it but some of these doctors criticize us for knowing a thing or two about our own chronic disease that we wake up with and go to sleep with everyday. “Where did you hear that? WIKIPEDIA?” “Actually, no, medical textbooks, same as you…” But what does it matter where we got the information so long as it is correct? Well, it doesn’t, but this is their ego talking; I imagine they are insecure about the fact that you are decreasing the gap between how much you know and much they know. If you are not insecure about your knowledge as a doctor you will encourage your patients to educate themselves just as my neurologist does.

But the number one rule that many doctors are taught (my mother is an occupational therapist and this is what she was told in school) is do not admit that you don’t know something to a patient. So you ask a question, they don’t know the answer, but rather than admitting that they tell you something completely wrong because they know that they are a doctor and you will more than likely believe anything they say. Because of this, we have people thinking multiple sclerosis does not affect men and brain lesions are completely normal because “everyone has them”… When I was trying to raise money for a stem cell procedure (which I did not end up doing) I was told by many people that I am just trying to scam them out of their money because men do not get MS, especially at my age. Total misinformation. And this does not happen with just MS; I have a friend with Dandy Walker Syndrome (a brain malformation involving the cerebellum and fluid filled spaces around it) going through the same kind of things with her doctors. I can’t stand doctors who treat people like idiots; it may be easier to treat people who are uninformed but it’s wrong…

I wouldn’t cross the street with my eyes closed just because someone tells me there are no cars so why should I believe everything you tell me without asking “why”.

What sort of obvious lies have you been told by a doctor?

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