A machine presenting an unwanted gift to a woman, while other machine elements steal from behind her back.

Oh, How Unselfish You Are, MS!

Multiple Sclerosis is so very ‘generous’ and unselfishly shares it's diagnosis with no respect of person. It has no selection policy to whom it employs to suffer its woes. It's actually quite generous, touching nearly 1 million people which is even more than twice the previously reported number of those living with Multiple Sclerosis according the National MS Society. It takes no time to discriminate. It will touch anyone, it seems, no matter the race, gender, class, occupation or otherwise. There are just so many faces of MS.

Who gets MS?

MS doesn't shy away from bestowing its effects on the famous faces of actors/actresses, talk show hosts, music producers, news anchors, entertainers, etc. So unselfishly affected include, but are definitely not limited to: Selma Blair - who recently announced her MS diagnosis, Montel Williams, Richard Pryor, Jack Osborne, Terri Gar, Tamia Hill, Noah '40' Shebib, Neil Cavuto, and Alan and David Osmond - both father and son have multiple sclerosis. In this case, MS was particularly ‘unselfish’.

Me and MS

And there are the faces of friends, coworkers, friends of friends, children of friends and coworkers, business owners, teachers, medical professionals, administrators, and more. The faces of those that are so unselfishly affected by MS run the gambit and are amongst the recipients of MS’s generosity. And then there's my face. There's me that lives with the multitude of ‘joys’ that MS so graciously brings.

The unwanted "gifts" from MS

Though I can appreciate a gift, thoughtfulness, generosity, and selflessness, there is most certainly a limit. I say, "no, thank you" to all of what MS has brought to my life as if it was swooping in with gifts of gold. The pain, fatigue, loss of fine and gross motor skills, dependency, and so much more are unwanted. Actually, I'm certain that ALL the other ‘faces’ might agree that these ‘gifts’ weren't unselfishly given, but rather selfishly taken. That perspective is much more reasonable.

The disease that keeps on taking

The fact of the matter is, MS is not unselfish. It is selfish to the core of its meaning and what it means to one's life. It lacks consideration for the person it has afflicted and is concerned chiefly with its own agenda - to deprive one of their functionality no matter who they are. There's a hip hop song that attests to MS and its unbecoming attribute...

I want you all to myself

You don't need nobody else

I want you all to myself

I swear yeah…

Ahhh... the joys of MS. The disease that unselfishly keeps on giving — or should that be taking?

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