When You're Down and Troubled and You Need Some Loving Care

Sometimes it’d be easier to give into that black cloud of depression when our lives feel out of control. When MS plus all of life’s sorrows fill our plate it feels like darkness will be a permanent fixture in our lives. It's easier to throw in the towel than fight for normalcy.

Experiencing bouts of sadness

This past year I’ve experienced unrelenting bouts of pain, sorrow, disappointment, and illness with no time to breathe. They say bad things come in threes but 2017 has thrown me curves in multiples of that number.

What do you do when life feels hopeless and you’re shocked at hearing yourself ask questions you’ve never considered before? Questions like is it all worth it? Why is this happening to me? Why do other people get to live joyful lives? What’s the point of it all? What’s does feeling well feel like?

I typically write about living a quality life despite adversity, one that allows for joy, passion, and happiness. But this year has been a tough one with little room for those luxuries and I’ve been hard-pressed to write about something that’s not in my heart.

Breaking myself open this way is cathartic. It helps me deal with my emotions that are otherwise bottled up for fear of sounding too whiny or like a hypochondriac.

Leaning on the MS community

I know the MS community is a safe place to fall, a place where I can be open about my feelings. Our community suffers the harsh realities of living with not only a chronic disease but also whatever life throws our way. We deal with it as best as we can, in our own unique ways, and together we’re bonded with a common purpose: to support, uplift, educate and have each other’s back.

When I am down on my luck I look to the MS community for inspiration. It begins here on MultipleSclerosis.net. Every staff member, each contributor, and all the incredible readers bond together to share this journey. A few odd lesions bound us together and from there we’ve learned from one another.

Accepting support during difficult times

I meet people every day who live with MS, both in person and virtually. Many are strengthened by a disease that presents enormous challenges. It helps me feel that hope is still alive despite what we face. It’s also taught me that our character is not judged by our inabilities but by our incredible abilities, and that has made all the difference. Whiny? Hypochondriac? I think not. We have value in who we are. Every single day.

In a world that seems to be going mad, I find courage in community. The words and well-meaning hugs from social media and “in real life” friends lift my spirits in times of crisis. I hope they help you too. The Internet can be a strange, maddening and scary place, but it can also offer kindness, compassion, support, friendship and even laughter.

I know we all have to walk through pain and loss; there’s no way around it. While we’re taking those steps it’s important to reach out to others and lean on those you trust. My father always said this too shall pass. He was always right.

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