Enduring My Journey With LOVE

I used to travel a road through the country to get to another where I worked, visited friends, shopped, etc. Though the road was more scenic than the highway and somewhat of a shortcut as it avoided traffic and traffic lights, it was filled with many sharp bends and deep curves. It wasn’t necessarily ideal, but if you could endure the twists and curves, it could be a nice ride and your destination reached safely and successfully.

Our paths are rarely straight and narrow

I think about that road as it pertains to life. So many times, there are a plethora of variables that contribute to our lives and it's not the straight and narrow trajectory that some may desire or, if they could, choose. Along with the amazing things we can experience (the scenic route), there are a myriad of troubles, concerns and hardships (the deep bends and sharp curves) that can come our way. Examples like the fear and uncertainty associated with illness and disease, the hurt of failed relationships, frustration attributed with financial woes, devastation of the loss of loved ones along the way, the worry of world issues and environmental tragedies come to mind. Our bends and curves may differ, but it is likely that we’ll experience some along our journey. I have determined that it takes LOVE to get around them.

Coping with the challenges

I remember when I was diagnosed with MS in 2007. Eleven years later, I struggle with, amongst other challenges, the loss of my independence, limited mobility and declining fine motor skills. Undoubtedly, it is tough, but:

I have not given up because I love life and all of the amazing wonders I’m blessed with in spite of MS and other curves.

I live my life with optimism... Always hopeful there'll be a brighter day whether it's the next, the following week, month or year.

Living with positivity

Concentrating on the things I can do as well as things I love doing allow me to live with positivity and verve, enthusiasm.

The encouragement received by family and friends is appreciated, needed, loved and a tremendous contributor to my strength.

I'm thankful that I’m succeeding with getting around my deep bends and sharp curves. Or rather, that I'm enduring my journey with LOVE: Love, Optimism, Verve, and Encouragement.

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