Excuse the Sarcasm

So if you have read my articles in the past, or if you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you have probably seen first hand that I am a very sarcastic person at times. Some people find my sarcasm as being rude, but that’s not the intent… most of the time at least.

I use sarcasm as a buffer, so to say. If there is something going on with my MS, I will probably have a lot of sarcasm, because it’s much easier to be sarcastic than depressed. Well, not necessarily EASIER, but not as… negative?

So when it comes time for me to write about something that is bothering me, or something I’ve seen in regards to MS that I don’t particularly like, I’m going to be sarcastic. It’s either that, or I can be flat out rude…. So I think sarcasm is the better road to go on.

Some people have asked me, “Why do you let these things bother you?” Well, that’s a very good question. See the thing is, I DO let things go, and not let them bother me. But there is only so much that I can tolerate to ‘let go’ of. I’ve never been the kind of person to hold back on what I want to say, if it’s something I’m passionate about.
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When I’m in a crowd, and people say something to me that’s on the list of, MS & Things People Should NOT Say, my irritation comes out. So instead of going off on the person, I’ll just say, “Oh, you don’t say!” or “If I had a dollar for every time I heard that, I would be rich.”

Could I respond in a different way? Probably, but like I said and as most of you probably know, I’m a blunt person. Now let me just clarify that I’m not rude/sarcastic to the people who speak to me with actual facts or news, and that they are doing this out of kindness, not to be snarky. It’s the snarky people who are on the receiving end of my rude sarcasm.

I have two kinds of sarcasm, by the way. My Rude Sarcasm and Humorous Sarcasm. Rude sarcasm goes to the snarky people, Humorous Sarcasm is for people who ‘get it’… as well as my family & friends.

I also don’t want to be handled with “kid gloves”. I’m not going to break… I’m not less of a person because of my MS, so I want to be treated like I would without my MS being known. Does my MS define me? Yes, in some ways it does. I wouldn’t be the person that I am today, had I not been diagnosed with MS. The person I am today because of MS, is strong, educated, vocal and supportive.

I had a lot of feedback on my article, No Sympathy for You, which pretty much stated that I shouldn’t react the way I do, in that scenario. But I just want to clarify that I’m not cold or mean to those who should be receiving sympathy. It’s the people who fake things, who I know personally, that I will not give sympathy too. Kind of like what I was stating in my other article, You Can’t Compare…

Now there are times that I need to be careful on how I react to things. I mean, y’all have probably experienced this before, but those days that you are just annoyed/tired and want to be alone without any responsibilities, someone needing something, etc., I have those days… and I don’t know how to react to people trying to talk to me during that time.

I guess at times, I also get fed up with receiving “pity” from others. I know that a lot of them mean well, well most of them anyways… but how many times do I have to hear, “But you look so good!” or “Oh wow, but you’re so young! You poor thing!” At the beginning, when people first started saying that to me, I thanked them. But when you have heard it over 400 times (minimum) … it gets REALLY old. It’s like that song that is on the radio every time you turn it on. For example the song, Happy by Pharrell Williams… I can’t STAND that song anymore! Because I have heard it WAY TOO MUCH!

“Support me, don’t pity me.” I need a shirt that says that… and I need to wear it whenever I’m at a gathering of some sort. I know that not everyone has the same viewpoint as I do, and I’m fine with that. It would be pretty lame, if we all had the same viewpoint.

So this is a public service announcement, in a way… WARNING: Please Excuse my Sarcasm, not suited for all eyes & ears.

So, if I get asked… “How is your MS treatment going? Is it slowing progression?” My response is most likely going to be… “My treatment is going well. I don’t know if it’s slowing progression, I don’t have an MRI machine in my closet.”

Like, some people find my response to be rude, but that’s not how it’s intended… it’s just me stating in a humorous way, that I don’t know if the medicine is fully stopping progression, unless I have had an MRI recently.

Another one I have been asked is, “How come you have to take medicine that doesn’t guarantee to stopping progression?” My response… “So that I don’t end up in a wheelchair again, and get ‘in trouble’ for popping wheelies.”

((Yes, I did get in trouble for popping wheelies, but my dad is the one who gave me the idea… and showed me how to pop up the wheelie bars. ))

Am I the only one who responds to certain situations with sarcasm? I hope not…

I’m rambling now… I’m gonna end on that note.


Ashley Ringstaff

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