Extremely Tired... but Can't Sleep

This topic can come off as very confusing to some, and maybe even to you. I mean, honestly… from what people tell me, if I’m exhausted, tired, fatigued, I just need to sleep more. Simple solution, right?… WRONG!

Well, not for me anyways. I can be completely exhausted where I can’t do a lot, I have no energy to even move all day, and when it’s finally time for bed, I will lay there hoping I will get some much needed sleep. But sometimes, that’s not the case.

It seems that since I was so tired/fatigued during the day, that once I’m laying down ready to go to sleep, my brain realizes I’m relaxed and decides to go 100 miles a minute, about random things, about things I forgot to do, etc. This frustration of my brain not shutting up can last for 10 minutes, 30 minutes, to hours. It just depends on everything that’s going on.

It’s kind of like my body & mind are playing tricks on me… I’m not ‘supposed’ to take naps during the day, because for one… I usually have things to do that day, and for two I know that if I take a nap during the day, it will be even harder for me to go to sleep at night.

But that doesn’t stop my body & mind from pretty much forcing me to shut my eyes for a nap in the middle of the day. Now when I want it all to shut down so I can sleep, it rebels it seems like. Does this happen to any of you? I don’t even have the T.V. on when I’m ready to go to sleep at night, so it’s not that keeping me awake. I will just lie down, doing nothing in then complete darkness for a large amount of time, occasionally.

I know that they say not to play with your phone/iPad when you’re going to bed. But I’ve found that if I read, it helps me fall asleep. So It’s kind of like it’s taking up my brain power, so my brain can’t wonder about a million things, and just focus on the story, and then once my brain is focused, I can feel the affects of sleep coming on.

What is the recommended number of hours sleep adults should have? 8 hours? I think that’s it, but who knows. I know that I usually get 8 hours of sleep, and at times, even more. Especially now with it being summer, and the kids are out of school, I’m sleeping in a bit more, but not TOO late.

I’m just listening to my body, and doing what it needs to do, but in this article I’m venting about it, because I don’t think ‘outsiders’ really understand how we’re affected by fatigue, 24/7, even with medication to help with fatigue.

The reason I’m writing this? Honestly, because I’ve wanted to for a while, but the reason I’m writing it at this moment, is because I’m trying to keep myself… AWAKE! And it’s like 3pm! I got 10 hours of sleep last night… WHY?! I just wanted to have energy… and not be so exhausted that just walking, or laundry, or getting a drink is exhausting.

I know some people can’t understand why I’m tired, when I stay at home with the kids, do work online, etc. It’s because I’m doing all of that on top of doing chores around the house… and adding MS fatigue into the mix just makes is 10 times harder. There was a really good article posted on MultipleSclerosis.net about MS fatigue… I loved the way it was explained, etc. You should totally check it out, but I just kind of wanted to vent my frustrations about MS and my fatigue/insomnia issues. Read: Fatigue & MS: It’s Different.

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