Fantasy or Possibility?

I don’t know about you, but at times I almost forget I have Multiple Sclerosis and experience the impulse to do something I had not considered doing for a while.  The goal of these thoughts may change, but they almost always involve something that I no longer am quite able to do or I am not able to do so gracefully. I suspect this may be rooted in the thought that if we visualize ourselves doing something it makes it more of a possibility.

When I wake in the morning I often forget that those first few steps are going to be some of the worst of the day for me. I wake and believe that I may be as spry as an 18 year-old and think about hopping out of bed and getting the day started quickly.  It may be what every person my age faces after being in bed all night – but this scenario almost always has me rolling my legs over the edge of the bed, pushing my torso upright and then reality sets in when I try to move fluidly into a standing position.  I am fortunate I can still stand on my own, but getting the message to get going in the morning is often a slow process; it is certainly not an 18 year-old’s body making this initial move to begin the day.

I’ve grown accustomed to the idea that this rising easily and fluidly thing just isn’t happening for my body as I might envision and I know and acknowledge the reality that will set in once I am vertical.    But that still doesn’t stop me from awakening moments of different thinking.

Recently there has emerged a new fantasy and my departure-from-reality thought these days is a bit different …. as I pull into my parking space at work and open the door to get out I can see/feel myself moving briskly through the winter elements of rain, snow, hail, and wind, to get to my building’s front door.  There are times I can even see myself sprinting a bit to get to the shelter of the building.

Of course a sprint is out of the question and some days I barely muster much more than a crawling pace to make it from my car to the building.  On a good day, I can turn that five minute walk into one that only takes four minutes. Other times it might take all that I can muster to make that stroll.

Lately, as I am getting my legs under me to move from the car, I picture myself in almost a jog.  Ahead of me I often see coworkers who are also arriving to work and it would be nice to catch up with them and chat while we get to our respective building - I’m not talking about a long distance – just a short little sprint to join them would be enough. But of course that is merely a fantasy and not something I can actually do.  There is no rushing – just a slow steady pace to propel myself.

Interestingly, both of these fantasy visions involve my beginning from a dead stop- perhaps illustrating my brain agrees with what I’ve said all along I work well when I can sit and don’t have to move about much.  My brain moves at lightning speed most of the time – it’s just my body that won’t/can’t keep up.

It seems to me that having these fleeting daydream scenarios are natural, but I can’t help but hope that one of these days I will fantasize about one that I can make a reality despite my limitations with MS.  How about you? What does your brain and emotions think you can accomplish that isn’t quite in your grasp?

Wishing you well,


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