Sometimes 'Just Okay' is Okay

So, maybe I watch too much television because several of my writings have been inspired by a quote, plot, or situation from a movie, sitcom, documentary, etc. But in my defense, this time, I spent the greater part of my weekend in the hospital, so a little reading, a little writing, some reflection, and television were included in the rotation of 'entertainment' between a barrage of tests, blood work and such.

How TV commercials made me think of my MS

At any rate, I watched a comical yet interesting commercial from a cellular company appealing to consumers to select their superior service as opposed to the mediocre service of their competitors. They illustrated two scenarios to support their pitch.

Scenario No. I:

A woman enters a bakery and pleasantly exclaims to the baker that she's read wonderful reviews about his baked goods. With a smirk, he replies that he himself has written the reviews. The surprised customer responds hesitantly that she's sure something is good as she looks around at the different pastries displayed, to which the baker tells her there are two options. The customer, with a dubious smile, tells him she'll take one. The baker then points out that the two options (out of the entire store) are strawberry or chocolate - of one pastry. The scene then flips to a screen that reads "Just okay is not okay".

Scenario No. II:

An apparently nervous patient lies in a hospital bed inside of a hospital room surrounded by family when the surgeon enters. The surgeon asks if he's nervous, and the patient confirms that he is indeed. With a friendly, understanding smile, the surgeon replies, "Yeah, me too." He then happily exclaims "We'll figure it out" as he turns to walk out of the room and greets someone in the hall telling them that this is his first day, first surgery! He leaves the patient and his family with shocked, frightened expressions, and the scene then flips to a screen that reads "Just okay is not okay".

Sometimes, just 'okay' IS okay

Though I didn't miss the gist of, as well as the humor in the commercial, I pondered and concluded that "just okay is not okay" is more situational and that 'just okay IS okay - sometimes' more universal. Upon reflection, I thought of a host of possible circumstances that the latter is most applicable. The most current being my present predicament.

Abdominal pain and a seizure led me to the hospital

After suffering excruciating abdominal pain and the inability to fully eliminate my bladder, I experienced difficulty breathing and then a focal seizure (or black out - the ER wasn't sure which). I was transported to the hospital via ambulance after my children called 911. I was admitted and given the barrage of tests I mentioned earlier to check my heart, liver, and gallbladder amongst other things. All tests were fine and ultimately, the culprit was found to be a urinary tract infection (UTI) which is actually pretty common for people with Multiple Sclerosis.

I'm just okay, and it's much better than I was before

The cardiologist and neurologist both explained that the shortness of breath, the elevated blood pressure that I had (when initially checked by the EMS respondents), and even the seizure were a result of the pain's intensity and my body's response to my reaction. The cardiologist, in an effort to help my family understand what had transpired, explained in layman's terms and concluded by describing each experience as a domino effect from the start of the ordeal. I'm on an antibiotic for ten days and am feeling much better with the exception of some lower abdominal discomfort and a bit of tiredness still. I'm not 100%, though thankfully nowhere near how I felt previously when the UTI reared its ugly head.

In this case, I will take average as opposed to outstanding. In this case, "Just okay IS ok".

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