Getting to the Good Part

To enjoy a tootsie roll pop, you have to patiently eat through the candy to be able to say "Finally, the best part - the chewy tootsie roll!"

After contracting a cold, you have to suffer several days of feeling yucky before you can exclaim "Finally! I feel ‘human’ again!"

Making it to the good part

When you have walking challenges due to Multiple Sclerosis, a spinal injury or whatever may be the culprit of why your mobility is affected and you're making your way slowly but surely with or without your walker, cane, crutches, or wheelchair, when you arrive at your destination and can rest, you know that you've made it to the good part - rest!

There are the times when you have situations beyond your control or that require intense thought (for ex. which MS Disease Modifying Drug is best for me, SSDI has denied my claim - now what?) and you are overwhelmed and your ‘get up and go’ has ‘ got up and went’. And then your your vigor gets restored after you get a pep talk or after reading some of the stories from fellow warriors on or another Health Union site. Finally, you have the verve to tackle those issues - you’ve made it to the good part!

How do we get there?

And then there's life. At some juncture, there will likely be unfortunate, horrid, certainly scary situations to endure whether it's in a relationship, a job, your children, finances, health, issues derived by poor choices, or more. To not go through (or give up during) adversity, you cannot truly appreciate the good part...

So how do we get there? To the good part? Perseverance. Keep going. Yes, it may be rough, take a while, not look good, prove to be quite difficult and not without strife or challenge, but don't give up. Take one day at a time, think positive, pray if you're a believer, keep your integrity and practice as much patience as you can muster. Take advantage of support groups, family, journaling, therapy, whatever renders support, strength or what you may need to keep you pressing forward. Once you have prevailed - and you absolutely can! - you can happily proclaim with relief, vigor and confidence - “Finally! I’ve made it to the good part!"

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