What Are You Grateful For?

In the blogosphere it’s popular to write posts about gratitude, making lists of what you are grateful for. Bloggers combine posts to create whole communities focused on being grateful.

There’s a reason why so many people are doing this.

When you express gratitude and share it with others you begin to realize the blessings in your life despite disability. That becomes a healthier attitude.

You might be reading this while shaking your head and thinking, “What do I have to be grateful for? I have MS, I feel lousy and I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired.”

That’s understandable. No one is happy about having MS. I’ve had enough of it myself! But given the choice wouldn’t you rather count your blessings instead of wallowing in self-pity or anger?

Having MS is a journey we’d all rather be without. But if you can (don’t laugh) put it aside for a few moments, try to take a pause and think hard about something you are grateful for.

Are you grateful you achieved something new today? Did a medication help you feel a little better? Did you spend time with a loved one? Were you able to sit and relax today? Did your pet sit by your side? Did you speak to a dear friend on the phone? Did you receive an interesting email?

Being grateful means noticing the big and little things that happen in your life. Notice them, and perhaps even jot them down in a gratitude journal.

A good idea is to find a gratitude partner to keep each other accountable. This is a fun way to create an obligation of making a commitment to exchange emails or phone calls of gratitude. You can exchange your lists, reading them aloud, and along the way you may begin to enjoy the healthy progress that is evolving between the two of you.

We, at MultipleSclerosis.net, thought it would be fun it we could all post a short list of what we are grateful for. You can be a part of it by sharing a list of “Three Things I Am Grateful For” by either replying to this post or posting it on our Facebook page. Feel free to post photos of what you are grateful for as well.

Feeling grateful can become habit-forming, so let’s do it together in our MS community. The possibilities of what may happen are endless.

I will start us off with my list of “Three Things I Am Grateful For.”

I am grateful to be loved unconditionally despite the daily surprises of MS.

I am grateful to see the sun rise each morning and set each night, and to experience the wonder of nature that surrounds me during the hours in between.


I am grateful for the ability to use my words to write so that I can try to enlighten and educate others about MS. In turn, I am grateful for the MS community who continues to inspire me every day.


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