Thank You!

It’s easy for me to complain and vent about life with MS. I live it every day, and it gets old and exhausting, but I know I’m not the only one who feels that way. There are several people who don’t get enough credit when it comes to dealing with my MS, and those people are my caregivers. My caregivers don’t necessarily have to physically take care of me at this time, but emotionally, they care for me daily, and they’re always there to help make my life as easy as possible. These are the people who don’t get near enough credit, so today I want to thank them.

Unconditionally loved

My husband and my parents help and support me more than I can put into words. I try to explain to them how everything that they do for me is never taken for granted, but sometimes in the midst of the chaos, it's hard to entirely put it into words. They both support me and care for me in their own ways. And they love me and love me unconditionally. I am so blessed by these people.

Help comes in many forms

First is my husband. My husband is the one who cares for me each day. He’s my backbone and my best friend. He’s the person I call when I need something, and he helps me however he can. He’s the one who allows me to sleep in on the weekends because he sees how much I’m struggling. He is the one who so sweetly mops the floors each time we clean the house because he knows how hard it is on me. He’s the one who makes sure that I go inside when he’s afraid that I might be getting too hot, and the one who makes me sit down when he thinks I’ve done too much.

He never makes me feel weak

He’s the one who takes our son when he knows I need a moment to collect myself. He’s the one who shows me love and grace when I’ve had a bad day emotionally and snapped at him for no reason. He does his best every day to understand my MS even when I know that’s not easy. He works so hard and comes home bone tired, yet he still makes sure to watch out for me daily and help me in whatever way possible. I love the team that we are and how he is the one to care for me even when I don’t realize I need it at the time. He is the person who listens when I say I don’t feel well and helps me get through it. He never makes me feel weak or less than. He lets me do things on my own without making me feel different, but he’s always there to lend that helping hand just in case. He’s my person, and I would be lost without him.

The value of emotional support

Next are my parents. My parents are about 6 hours away from me, so while they can’t be here with me each day, they are my constant emotional support. When my husband isn’t home and I know he’s busy, they are the ones I call and vent to. I do this with my mom especially, because she also has health issues and understands. She is the one that listens when I’m so tired that I cry. She is the one who knows when I’m having a terrible day, and I just need a person who will allow me to let it all out. She’s the one who truly gets it: the pain, the fatigue, the emotions. She’s the one who catches me in a lie saying that I’m fine, and tells me that it’s ok to have bad days.

They’ve been on this journey with me from the beginning

She’s also the one who will drop everything and drive six hours to come to my rescue. If I’m sick and she knows it’s hard on my body, then she is the one to come help even if she isn’t feeling the best herself. She is the one who won’t let me overdo it while she’s here because she knows how long it will take me to recover. She is the most selfless and amazing person that I know. And then there’s my sweet dad. He is the one who knows I’m needing extra help that week, so he sends my mom to stay with me for 5 days even when he’s desperately missing her himself. He’s the one who tells me how proud of me he is and how despite everything he thinks I’m a wonderful mom. He probably doesn’t know it, but hearing things like that from my dad can pick me up out of a slump even on my worst days. My parents both help me daily, and they’ve always been my biggest supporters. They’ve been on this journey with me from the beginning, and I would be lost without them as well.

I see you and all that you do

There are so many days I feel overwhelmingly grateful for these people who help get me through each day. I am so thankful to have such a fantastic team of people to help me on this journey. If you have people and caregivers in your life who help you weather this storm, don’t forget to thank them today. It doesn’t have to be much, just let them know that you see and acknowledge all that they do. I know sometimes it’s easy to get so caught up in being the sick one that we forget to thank the ones who help us get through it each and every day. They love us and put up with us. They even continue to do so when they’re emotionally and physically drained themselves. So, caregivers, this one is for you. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. I see you and all that you do, and I am so grateful.



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