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Guess the MS In America Statistics

In 2019, 5,911 people diagnosed with MS took our online MS In America survey. Each year, we learn so much about this community through this survey. Some of the findings confirm what we already knew, but others are more surprising! We want to share some of these results with you, and we wanted to see how accurately you can guess some key statistics about our MultipleSclerosis.net community.

What's your guess?

Take the following polls to guess the impact of certain MS symptoms and other aspects of life with MS. After you select a choice in the poll, the answer will show up at the bottom.

Community Poll

What was the most common age range for people to have experienced their first MS symptoms?

Community Poll

What symptom did the community report that impacted their daily life the MOST?

Community Poll

What percentage of respondents are currently using a disease-modifying therapy for MS?

Community Poll

What is the most commonly used complementary therapy people use to live better with their MS?

Community Poll

What percent of the community reported living with MS and neuropathy?

How did you do?

Let us know in the comments below and if any of these answers surprised you!

You can also see more findings from past MS In America surveys in our special collection of articles covering topics from caregiving to the diagnosis journey.

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