Tips for Managing The Heat With MS

Okay - if you're anything like me... you can't tolerate the heat due to your MS... if you can, you are SO lucky! Now I know we all classify different temperatures as "hot"... but I live in Central Texas, and let's just say these past summers have not been easy! And not to mention the Electric Bill... that's painful to look at during the Summer.

So I figured... if I can "tolerate" the Texas Heat with some of the tips and tricks that I have, I would share them. Let me just say that I loathe being stuck inside... So, I go out on my front porch and watch the kids play, join in when it's not in the heat of the day if I can... But I still manage and I have come to learn my "limits" with the heat and overdoing it due to my MS.

Okay, so if you haven't heard of "cooling products"... you are missing out! There are cooling products for different areas of your body (yes, not just the vests). These make it easier to be outside, as long as it isn't 115... I just don't even tempt it when it's that hot. I have products that I received from MSAA, they have a Cooling Distribution Program you should check out to see if you qualify. I also have products from PolarProducts.

There are also just some little things you can do if you wanna sit outside on your porch and things like that. My husband went to Lowe's and got one of those hose misters... so I can cool off while being on the porch, with out having to have anything on me and it's a light mist, so you don't get soaked. I also have outdoor fans that I use to help me cool off. I also have two kids (boys), so they are very energetic and if I need to go out, I have a little tiny handheld fan that I use that you can get from any local store for a very cheap price. Then I have those water bottles that you can squirt your self with - but also drink from.

There are so many options on there to help us "handle the heat"... but for me, it doesn't make it to where I can be out there like the heat doesn't bother me at all. It's a learning process... I've found the signs for when my body is getting fatigued from the heat, and I go rest inside. I really try to stay focused on staying hydrated as well.

I really enjoy swimming, so I try and go to the lake as much as I can to swim. Or since I have kids, I am one of those parents that has no shame hanging out in the little kiddy pool from Wal-Mart with the kids. Whatever works, right? Oh and of course wearing "light-clothing" ... not just in color but in material as well!

If you're one of those people who's electricity bills sky rocket during the Summer Months, sometimes your Local MS Chapter can assist you with resources in helping with your utility bill.

I just thought I would share this little tid-bit of info, since it's something I have to deal with a lot. I hope it helps out with everyone and try and stay cool!


Ashley Ringstaff

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