Is My Living In Vain?

Having been dealt a few significant blows in my lifetime that were difficult, some even overwhelming (such as my MS diagnosis), I was cognizant each time of several important things. I still had a life to live that was worth living, family to love and who loved me, and children that needed parenting and who deserved engaged, loving mothering.

What keeps life manageable

After taking a beat to reflect, I determined that my solace would rest in my faith, being optimistic, finding and focusing on the bright side - wherever and however small the sliver of light might be, and being thankful for all things, including but not limited to, every reason to smile, any outing I can go on, every step I can make, each utensil I can hold, any word I can type. That's my outlook, what keeps life manageable through the rough times. I choose to disregard the ‘why bother?’ point of view. Refusing or unable to see beyond the suffering, and only focusing on the bottom line (that a smile or thinking positive can't actually make the adverse situation disappear) prompts succumbing to bitter hopelessness and utter despair more than probable.

If fighting to make the best of my situation won't remove pain and strife, is it worth it to do so? Is trying to live my best life in spite of and through challenges simply a waste of time?

Should I choose joy?

Is My Living In Vain? is an appropriately titled gospel song relative to how I choose to live - despite struggles with MS and any other negative experiences I've encountered along the way. That is, if I should question whether to choose joy over despondency.

Is my living in vain?

Is my giving in vain?

Is my praying in vain?

Is my fasting in vain?

My response: Absolutely not! I'd rather sacrifice some things in my life and work to keep others than to lose everything. This helps me to keep busy focusing less on what I don't have or what's wrong and more on maintaining what I have and what is right.

Am I wasting my time?

Am I wasting my time?

Can the clock be rewind?

Have I let my light shine?

Have I made ninety-nine?

My say: No way… What's here is here, what's done is done. Concentrate on finding the best way to navigate through the troubles taking one day or even one minute at a time.

Is it all in vain?

Is my praying in vain?

Is my labor in vain?

Is my singing in vain?

Is my speaking, is it in vain?

My answer: No...I’ve been encouraged to, and I do, comply with this mantra: Challenge yourself with positive thoughts and words; you will thank yourself in the end.

Living with hope

No, of course not.

It's not all in vain

No, no Lord, no

'Cause up the road is eternal gain.

My thought: Correct... I will continue to strive to live with positivity, hope, and thanks because the greatest source of happiness is the ability to be grateful at all times.

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