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I Just Need to Vent

I Just Need to Vent

I know that I’ve said in the past, that I don’t want anyone’s pity. By saying that, it also doesn’t mean that that I don’t ever need to vent. Again, I still do NOT want your pity, just someone to listen to me, to understand and just offer some comfort at times. This all came about because recently I had my routine MRI done and it came back that I had a new/active lesion. Now, I haven’t had a new/active lesion in over two years, so I really wasn’t prepared for the news that came.

Emotional overload

I can tell you that I was angry and upset, and I couldn’t tell you which emotion I was feeling more than the other, because it was just a bit chaotic, in my head. I go to see my neurologist soon, so I’m looking forward to discussing everything that is going on, and make a game plan, if we need to change anything.

There is a difference between pity and support

So back to the subject at hand… I feel that with in the past, I’ve told friends and family, that I don’t want their pity; I was being 100% honest. However, there is a different between someone showing me pity and someone just being supportive. Those times that I need to vent, please feel free to give me your opinion on the subject, maybe show me a different perspective, but PLEASE I’M BEGGING YOU, don’t try and TELL me to do something. Why? Because I’m hard headed, for one. Another reason, because it always has something to do with diet/exercise/supplement/vitamin, etc.

Don’t keep things bottled up

I’m not trying to be rude by what I just stated, I’m just trying to be honest. Because, if I’m needing to vent, that means that something is upsetting me, so my emotions are off balance and there is no telling how I will ‘take’ someone ‘telling’ me to do something. I honestly think that once a week (minimum) that my best friend and I vent to each other. Mind you she has MS also, so it’s not your ‘regular relationship’, etc. However, we have found it beneficial to vent, when needed, instead of bottling it all up. I’ve bottled it all up before, and all my emotions exploded at once and I said things that I didn’t mean, and I took it out on those closest to me and that wasn’t fair at all.

Let me just share this little bit of info with you… I didn’t just ‘decide’ to start ‘blogging’ out of nowhere. I was writing down my thoughts and feelings, just to get the information off my shoulders and just put it out there, in some form. I had started blogging, because I found that I could post from anywhere… computer/phone, etc. So that I always had access to it, and so that it could also form a timeline of how I was doing/feeling.

I ended up chatting online with a support group, in a chat room, and we were giving out tips, so I shared mine. Some of my close friends were in the chat room, and asked to read what I was writing, and the rest is history.

So thank you, for everyone who reads all my vents/articles 😉



Ashley Ringstaff

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  • messeeone
    3 years ago

    It is a fine line we walk when “venting,” isn’t it? After 23 yrs of managing this disease, you’d think I’d have a good solution, but, alas, I am usually overcome with this feeling of shame afterwards, and often want to take the words back! I want to say, “Oh, never mind. I’ll get through this. Now what’s new with you?” I know we shouldn’t feel shame. We need to talk to people we trust. I like that you are telling people what you need and DON’T need, Ashley. I think that’s helpful to those who want to listen. Years ago, my mom just listened to me vent, then replied, “(the same d word Dimitri used!)” For some reason, that just summed it all up for me and that’s what she says to support me every time now. In fact, it just happened yesterday!

  • Ashley Ringstaff moderator author
    3 years ago

    I’m glad you have a listening ear!

  • Dimitri
    3 years ago

    Yeah. A support group is good for venting. I go to a in person support group and somewhere in the meeting there is a group venting. It helps. It’s so true that you don’t understand MS unless you have MS.

    After last year, I told myself that 2017 was going to be different. I said I will not invest emotions in things that don’t really mean much to me. D*mn it. Less than two months into this year and I’m already off to a bad start.

    I hate the one day at a time mentality. I just want some sort of stability in my life. I just need life to be organized or else I’m completely thrown off course.

  • Meagan Heidelberg moderator
    3 years ago

    Hi Dimitri!
    Thank you so much for sharing with us and our community. Please know you are always welcome to vent here as well. We are glad that you find your support group helpful. We want you to know that you’re not alone on your journey. Try to start this year over with this day. Or the next day.

    **We want to let you know we did edit your comment to censor the curse word used, as profanity is against our community rules**

    We appreciate you being a part of our community!

    Best – Meagan, Team Member

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