I'm a Homebody

I’ll admit it – I like being at home… if people want to hang out, they come to my house… I don’t like to leave it that often… but why? Does it make me lazy? Do I just not want to get out of my comfy clothes? What’s the deal?

Well, it’s not something that I can answer with just ONE simple answer. Why do I not like leaving the house all that much… well because, leaving the house I can’t just grab my keys and wallet and head on out. Nope, not happening. Depending on where I’m going, it takes a lot of ‘planning’ at times, just to leave the house.

I have to make sure that I have taken my meds, that I have the meds in my bag that I might need while I’m out. Is my cell phone charged, in case I need someone for something? Oh gotta take a potty break during all of this… then right before I leave, I probably will need to take another potty break.

OH! Did I grab something to drink to have with me in the car, so that in case I need to take one of my meds, I have something to take it with? How long am I going to walk while being out? Will there be a lot of standing? Maybe I should bring my cane… I should probably wear something that is comfortable, if it’s going to be awhile.

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Do you see where I am going with this? First of all, I’m not a big fan of carrying purses/bags whichever. But now I have to carry one so that I have a place for my medications. While I’m doing everything I listed above… that’s not including how much time it takes to actually get ready. I have longer hair, so it usually ends up in a ponytail. Mostly because it’s hot in Texas the majority of the year.

So yes, since I have to go through all of the steps above, just to leave my house… I prefer to stay at home if I can. It might come off as being lazy to some people, oh well. Call me lazy then, whatever floats your boat. But I have to conserve my energy and use it wisely. I’m not super woman. I can’t clean my house all morning, shower, then get ready to be out all afternoon. Nope, no way, not happening.

It just makes me realize the things I took for granted before I was diagnosed with MS, or showed any symptoms for that matter. Because I used to be able to just carry my little wrist wallet and phone and keys and that was it. Not so much these days.

This is another reason I don’t like shopping. I was never really a big fan of it before MS came along… but I could have a girls day and go shopping if I wanted to. Now I love online shopping. Again, this is not because I’m lazy. It’s because I’m using my energy wisely. Kind of like, we are told early in life to “spend your money wisely”… Well, to me, I feel like my energy is as valuable as money these days, so the same terms apply.

So when I stay at home all day – and I don’t change out of my sweats aka pajamas… yes I like to keep them on cause they are comfy, but also because who needs to add to the laundry pile, unless necessary. Now remember, I have two boys that love to play outside and get dirty, so my laundry pile can take a whole day to go through, just for them.

Some days I will just order food, so that I don’t have to cook… because I’m totally exhausted and I don’t have it in me to do the dishes. Is that lazy? Again, who cares?

I’ve learned from past experiences what I can and cannot handle, and I’m making decisions based off of that experience. Doesn’t mean that I’m always taking it easy and listening to my body. There are times that I push myself, but I do so in knowing that I will ‘pay for it’ later.

Now, while I’m being a homebody, I like to be on my phone or iPad or computer… Why, you ask? Because I can’t just sit down and watch TV for a long period of time. So I try to keep my brain busy by doing things for MSWorld. We just launched our new website, so that’s kept my mind busy, but I love it. I also like to challenge myself. So I will do brain games… they aren’t all titled that way. But there are a lot of ‘strategy’ games that I can play that keep my brain from wanting to take a nap.

But let me tell you, in between me getting things done at MSWorld, playing games and of course writing these articles, I’m still doing the whole stay-at-home gig. Which is laundry, cleaning up, etc. I try to remain as active as I can, so who cares if I’m doing it at home, in my sweats? If people have a problem with that, then they are just jealous. Not everyone can be an overachiever in his or her comfy clothes, but us MS’ers know how to pull it off, with style ;)

There are a lot of people that have MS that still GO to work every single daily. Kudos to you! That’s all I can say. I mean I know that what I do at home is productive, but actually having to get ready every morning on top of everything else you have to do… I can’t even imagine.

Anyways, I just had to address the whole, “homebody” comment… because I’ve heard it a lot lately and felt that others needed to know that it’s okay to feel that way. Now, don’t seclude yourself and all that… but there is no harm in taking it easy when you are fighting your own body each and every day.


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