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It Was Just My Imagination

EEEK! EEEK! EEEK! EEEK! At 6 am sharp, the overzealous alarm clock shrieks passionately determined to do its due diligence of ensuring that I was up in time to get a jump on my day. Being jolted from my sleep by the annoying screech was an irritant that was incredibly displeasing, but I'd programmed the little electronic to do just what it was doing so there was no way I could be upset that it was doing its job properly... So very properly.

'Me' day

I have to make a quick decision in my haze of sleepy disorientation... Slam the snooze button only to encounter the same unpleasant jolt in five minutes or the dismiss button and rely on my internal alarm to awaken me on time - successfully? My internal alarm - which is definitely not as reliable as my eager little shrieking alarm clock - and risk venturing into the zone of 'frantic' where I have to run around like a chicken with no head trying to get myself ready and off to work in a timely manner. It was then that I remembered - this was no workday for me and I'd just forgotten to give my little electronic shrieking device the morning off! No, this day I'd actually scheduled as a 'me' day! I immediately hit the dismiss button and looked with extreme delight at the beautiful sunlight peeking through the bedroom blinds and read with enthusiasm the mild temperatures indicated for the day flickering across my television screen.

A day to do with as I pleased

Gooood morning to me - this was going to be a great day... No time to lay around! I hurriedly threw the comforter from my body and quickly rose from my bed with a host of important questions on my mind such as: What will I do first? Hot and steamy shower or leisurely bath? Where will I go? What will I wear? Who will I visit if I visit? What will I eat and where? I mean, can you say excited? I can... "EXCITED"! This was my day.. no hindrances. My day to do with as I pleased.

I decided to start with a nice leisurely bath with lots of bubbles and a delicious smelling bath gel on hand, smooth R&B playing in the background - not too loud, not too quiet, and no light except for the bright natural morning sunlight streaming through the bathroom window... Perfecto!

Ready to paint the town red

I dressed myself in a cute and casual outfit complete with a nice pair of boots, added my accessories, transferred to a purse which matched my outfit to a T, added a little eyeliner and not just any gloss, but a lip gloss that had a pop of color. MmHmm... I was pleased... "Go Di!!!" I cheered myself on while standing in front of my full-length mirror. I was ready to face my day, to hit the street, to paint the town red!

A drive around town

Out the door and into the car I go. First stop, Starbucks for a caramel frappuccino - so anxious to be out and about, my avidity cleared any traces of an appetite! Next, I decided to take a drive around town and view the morning hustle and bustle through a different set of eyes. The eyes of one who can be void of the worry of stop, pickup, and go school buses that contribute to the risk of not having a smooth and timely commute. The eyes of a person that isn't one of, but simply drives amongst the hurried cars driven by employees who may have relied on their internal alarm clock causing them now to view every yellow or red traffic light, stop sign or speed bump as not traffic safety regulators, but rather as threats to getting to their respective jobs on time.

Treating myself

Enough of that.. time to move on with my day. I think an early trip to the mall while it's not inundated with teens like a Friday night for a little retail therapy will be nice. In and out of Victoria's Secret, Lane Bryant, Bath & Body Works, to name a few, and I am just having a ball, but my appetite is approaching so on to the food court I go. Decisions, decisions... What do I want to lunch on??  Nope, change of plans - I'm going to treat myself to a matinee! I'll get soda and buttery popcorn and once the movie is over, I'll go to a restaurant and have a nice sit-down meal. Should I not be able to eat it all because of my afternoon theater snack, I'll get a 'doggy bag' and take it home with me. That's a plan. Then, I'll drive down to see my parents later and afterward, head home to get all dolled up to go to a club to listen to some nice music and have one of those sweet drinks - with spirits - in one of those fancy glasses with the little straw... Who knows? May even get a phone number or two or three while I'm there... hehehe!

My imagination running away with me

"Mommyyy..? Mommyyy..? I'm home! Why are you just sitting there looking into space with that strange smile on your face?? I thought you'd be moderating, writing, or reading or something... I tried to call you and tell you I was on my way and you didn't answer! What are you listening to? Are those 'Oldie But Goodies'? I like this song... What's it called? 'Just My Imagination'? Oh well, I'm going to get a snack and I'll be back to tell you about my day!"

And then I saw my daughter standing before me with her school attire on and backpack... and then I became cognizant of my surroundings. I was in my bedroom, in my trusty blue lift chair - with my Oldies playlist playing and yep, the Temptations were passionately crooning 🎵 Just my imagination once again runnin' away with me... Tell you it was just my imagination runnin' away with me🎵 In that moment, I chuckled to myself. It was most certainly my imagination 'runnin away with me' ...runnin' me right to my 'me day' shenanigans!

MS hasn't taken my imagination and dreams

My days can no longer be just like that - so much has changed over the years living with multiple sclerosis. 'Quickly' rising from bed? Working? Standing in front of the mirror? Boots on these feet with chronic edema? Driving? Walking through the mall? Retail as opposed to online shopping? Even painting the town red? When and if I go out, I'd give it a shade of pink perhaps - and I'm not even talking fuschia! I'm not too upset though... Things were good until MS changed so much in my life, and I do enjoy my memories and aspects of my new normal. Anyway, a little imagery, a bit of day-or night-dreaming can't hurt. Nah, MS, you may have taken some things and are the culprit of depriving me of others BUT you do not live in my dreams nor can you take my imagination!

**Drops mic and wheels away humming the melody to 🎵Just My Imagination🎵 - with that aforementioned 'strange' smile on my face…**

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