Improving Lives Today! A Guide to MSAA's Programs and Services

Read MSAA's newest booklet:
Improving Lives Today!A Guide to MSAA's Programs and Services

Improving Lives Today! highlights all the programs and services offered by the Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) in a 16-page informative booklet for everyone affected by multiple sclerosis. This publication is designed to be a guide for the many resources available through MSAA. Improving Lives Today! also features more recent MSAA initiatives including My Health Insurance Guide, My MS Journey, My MS Manager™ mobile phone app, online Aquatic Center, MS Chat feature, and ways to stay connected with MSAA!

MSAA Programs and Services Guide

This booklet is available as a free service to the MS community in HTML on MSAA's website, as a printable/downloadable PDF, or to order as a hard copy in the mail.

Whether you're newly-diagnosed, have been living with MS for years, or are a family member or care partner of someone with MS, the Improving Lives Today! booklet will tell you all you need to know about how MSAA can help.

Check out MSAA's Improving Lives Today! booklet!

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